Next-Gen Xbox Avatars Are Here for Insiders

Posted on June 19, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 4 Comments

After a long, long wait, Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Avatars are almost here. The company has been teasing the new Avatar system for months. And after multiple internal delays, the new avatars are finally making their way to the public — starting with select Xbox Insiders.

Last night, Microsoft announced the release of the new Xbox Avatar Editor app that Insiders can use to create their new avatar. Microsoft’s next-gen Avatar system includes a ton of diverse options, with props and customization options for amputees, as well as 16 million color options. The new system will get more props, accessories, moods, clothing, etc. in the future as Microsoft edges closer to the public release.

The new Avatar Editor app will be available sometime today to Insiders part of the Alpha and Skip Ahead rings. Microsoft still isn’t giving a date for the full public release, but that shouldn’t be too far away.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Next-Gen Xbox Avatars Are Here for Insiders”

  1. Wolf

    Umm ... Yay!? :/

  2. TechsUK

    Genuine question: why?

    Avatars on the 360 popped up everwhere, from Kinect games to indie platformers - they made sense.

    The same here? Or will they be a mixed reality avatar?

  3. Robert Wade

    Well, the beta works fine, just like the original. Obviously, being a work-in-progress, there really isn't much variety available compared to the original. On the original you can actually get a pretty close approximation of your own look, whereas you really can't on the new beta. I expect that to improve over time, though.