Xbox’s Ready to Install Screen Is Getting a New Home

Microsoft is testing a new Xbox One system update with Xbox Insiders that includes an interesting change. The company is taking away the Ready to Install screen from the Xbox One, in order to simplify your catalog of apps and games.

Instead of separating your apps and games into two sections: Installed (games/apps that are already installed), and Ready to Install (games/apps that are already purchased and can be installed), Microsoft is making it so there’s only a single My Games & Apps section.

It’s not completely going away, of course. There is a new toggle in the My Games & Apps section that will let you filter between games/apps that are already installed and games/apps that are ready to install. The toggle is available along with the existing filters as usual.

The change is obviously yet to be official. Microsoft is only just testing the new user experience here, so there’s a possibility the dedicated Ready to Install section will make a comeback depending on feedback from Xbox Insiders. While the new toggle does simplify the My Games & Apps section, it could end up making the games/apps that are ready to be installed harder to discover. It’s not too much of a major change, though it’s certainly a critical UX update.

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