Microsoft Celebrates 1000th [email protected] Game Title

Posted on October 30, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Windows 10, Xbox One with 4 Comments

Microsoft announced today that there are now over 1,000 games available via the [email protected] program, which connects indie game developers with gamers on Xbox One and Windows 10.

“Not only have we hit the 1,000-release mark, we also have thousands of talented people working at more than 3,000 studios independently creating games for millions of players around the world on Xbox One and Windows 10 with the [email protected] program,” a Microsoft representative told me. “We’re taking the opportunity to look back on the impact our development partners and fans have had on [email protected], and we’re excited to share some highlights of the program.”

[email protected] previously hit the 500 game milestone back in April 2017, so given the system’s 2014 launch date, it appears that the release pace has since quickened. [email protected] started with about 50 developers, but today it boasts over 3,000, and Microsoft says that they’ve collectively generated over $1 billion in digital revenue from game sales.

Key [email protected] titles include Studio MDHR’s Cuphead, Fullbright’s Tacoma, playdead’s INSIDE, Chucklefish’s Stardew Valley, Matt Makes Games’ Celeste, and The Behemoth’s Pit People. Upcoming titles include Slow Bros.’s Harold Halibut, Capybara Games’ Below, Aurora 44’s Ashen, Black Desert from Pearl Abyss and Sable from Shedworks.

“Thank you to the fans that have shown independent developers an indescribable amount of love on Xbox since day one, and thank you to the developers that keep making awesome games and giving us great feedback on a daily basis about how we can improve our program,” Microsoft’s Chris Charla writes. “We’re psyched to help developers bring us more surprises, more outside-of-the-box thinking and discovering new ways to push boundaries within gaming.”


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4 responses to “Microsoft Celebrates 1000th [email protected] Game Title”

  1. BoItmanLives

    Unfortunately neither this nor backward compatibility old games are a substitute for their firstparty problem.

  2. MikeGalos

    Nice to see what you get when you court more than just a few major developers and get some creativity into the mix.

  3. svf35

    This is an old post. But still, great.

    Thanks for the information.