Xbox Play Anywhere: Buy Once and Play On PC or Xbox

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Brad Sams in Xbox One with 0 Comments

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At E3 today, Microsoft announced Xbox Play Anywhere, a new feature for Xbox and PC games that means if you buy a game digitally, you can play it on your Xbox or PC and the progress is shared. The best part? The feature costs nothing extra.

Microsoft has been leveraging its ability to integrate Xbox and PC gamers and this new feature is highly welcomed for people who game on both types of devices. I am one of those gamers and having to buy games twice is quite annoying, so you typically end up selecting one platform to favor so you don’t have to shell out $120 (or more) for each new game.

With Microsoft also pushing cross play more heavily as well, PC gamers and Xbox gamers are about to cross paths more frequently too. While not every game that supports Play Anywhere explicitly supports cross-play, the company did show off new games at E3, like Forza Horizon, that do support this experience.

Microsoft is working to position itself as a gaming friendly platform and by bringing Xbox and PC gamers closer together, and making it easier for them to game together, the company is pushing back against the inroads Sony and Steam have made in the gaming marketplace.

Xbox Play Anywhere is an excellent addition to the gaming community and only stands to make it easier to play the games you want, on the device that fits the genre the best.

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