Microsoft Cuts Xbox One Price To $279

Posted on June 14, 2016 by Brad Sams in Xbox One with 0 Comments

xbox hero price cut

Microsoft has made several large announcements this week at E3 including its next generation console code-named Scorpio, a smaller Xbox One called the One S and now they are cutting the price of the original console too.

If you are looking to buy the original Xbox One, in white or black, the price has been dropped to $279. If a $20 price cut wasn’t good enough, the console also comes with Gears of War, Ultimate Edition.

The $279 model comes with the 500 GB drive, while this may not be large enough for all gamers, you can easily expand it with an external drive once you fill up the internal platter. The website, that you can view here, does say that the price cut is for a limited time.

With that being said, seeing as they have lowered the price, I can’t see them raising it (permanently, that is) after this promotion ends. Currently, the company does not say when the price cut will expire, so if this is enough to make you buy the new device, you should act quickly.

With a price cut, this helps Microsoft differentiate this console from the Xbox One S, that will cost $299. The new console is smaller in size and does have slightly better specs but you can only pre-order at this time with delivery scheudled for August.

Also worth pointing out, for $20 more, you can get the same console but with three games, Gears of War, Rare Replay, and a full-game download of Ori and the Blind Forest

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