Google Assistant Getting Visual Controls for Smart Home Devices on Mobile

Posted on August 8, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google with 3 Comments

Google seems to be rolling out a key feature from its Smart Displays platform to Assistant on mobile devices. The company launched its Smart Displays powered by Assistant last month, which includes an advanced for Assistant.

The company is now rolling out a part of the Smart Display interface to Assistant on mobile devices: visual controls for smart home devices. When you ask Google Assistant to change the brightness of a smart light, for example, it will now change the lights and then show you the current brightness of that light, and provide you with other options. You can use the slider to change the brightness further, or completely turn it off. These controls are based on the device you are controlling, for things like a smart thermostat, you’ll see different controls.

The visual controls are being rolled out gradually, as reported by Droid Life. These visual controls could be part of a bigger plan for Google — the company is rumoured to be working on a wireless charging stand for the Pixel 3 that will let you use the device as a smart display, and interact with Assistant while it’s charging on the stand. And the addition of the new visual controls could be meant for the upcoming accessory and Pixel device.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Google Assistant Getting Visual Controls for Smart Home Devices on Mobile”

  1. jimchamplin

    Really nice! I’ve started liking El Goog’s design chops. Material is wonderful, and it’s getting me to use Chromium OS too!

  2. nicholas_kathrein

    Nice! See this is where eco system and a designing an interface that works well on many size screens really comes into it's own. You can see that Google really mapped out this before jumping into the programming of it. This is the wright way to design products and software.

  3. BBoileau

    These added features to Assistant and not to Google Home seem to imply that the two apps are heading into a merge of sort in my humble opinion.