You Might Be Able to Use the Pixel 3 As an Assistant-Powered Smart Display

Posted on July 30, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google, Hardware, Mobile with 2 Comments

I just wrote an article about the recent Pixel 3 leaks that came out over the weekend. Google’s next upgrade to the Pixel line includes a notch and lacks the popular panda color scheme for the white version of the device. But with the Pixel 3, Google could launch a new kind of accessory for the device.

Codenamed “Dreamliner“, Google is working on a charging stand for the Pixel 3, called the Pixel Stand. According to 9to5Google, references have been found to the Pixel Stand accessory on a new Google app update. There isn’t a lot of info on the Pixel Stand at this time, but it seems like a stand where you can simply place your Pixel 3 device and Assistant will be directly available, sometimes automatically providing personalized help.

“Your Assistant can use your personal info to make suggestions, answer questions, and take actions for you when your phone is locked and on your Pixel Stand,” the app’s code mentions. Users can also get “personalized help when your phone is on your Pixel Stand.”

The idea of the Pixel Stand sounds a lot like Google’s new Smart Display platform. The firm only launched its Smart Display platform last week, with Lenovo’s Smart Display available for purchase right now. Users can use these devices to access key information and make use of Assistant to get things done or simply use it as a digital photo stand powered by Google Photos. With the Pixel Stand, you may also be able to use the Pixel 3 in a similar way, while charging the device wirelessly.

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