Google Now Makes Its Own Home-Branded Smart Display

Posted on October 9, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Hardware with 5 Comments

When Google launched its Smart Displays platform, we were all waiting for the company to introduce its own smart display. After all, the company has been directly competing with Amazon’s Echo line of smart devices with its Home-branded speakers, except the Echo Show. All of that changes today with the introduction of the Home Hub.

Google’s Home Hub is a 7-inch smart display powered by its Assistant. The device comes in two colours: Mint, Sand (pink), white and charcoal, both of which include a speaker on the back. Although the Home Hub isn’t technically meant to be used as a speaker like the regular Google Home, the speaker on the device should still be decent for things like watching videos on YouTube, and video calls.

Here’s the thing: Google, oddly enough, isn’t including a camera on this thing. The company knows people are actually concerned about their privacy nowadays, and so the Home Hub doesn’t include a camera at all. So you won’t be able to make video calls on this thing, unlike other devices like Amazon’s Echo Show or Facebook’s Portal. It’s an interesting move from the company, considering that other Smart Displays from its partners include a camera for video calls. Still, it could be a solid selling point for many users.

The device includes a feature called Ambient EQ which enables the device to adjust the display colors depending on the surrounding natural light. It will automatically turn off the screen at night, too. The device also includes a feature called Home View which will give you quick access to all your smart home gadgets, so you can quickly control all your smart home devices instantly. The company is bringing a similar experience to your phone with the redesigned Google Home app.

Google says the Home Hub comes with deep Google Photos integration to turn your Home Hub into the best digital frame. It uses machine learning to automatically create albums with pictures of people you actually want to see, and it automatically doesn’t show blurry or low-quality pictures which is pretty neat.

Google’s Home Hub will be available for $149. The device comes with 6 months of free YouTube Premium, which includes YouTube Music, and that’s a very good deal. Pre-orders start today, available in stores October 22.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Google Now Makes Its Own Home-Branded Smart Display”

  1. Bibbit

    $149 seems cheap. But then again, it appears the sound quality will be too.

  2. Grant

    Not available in Canada! :| Sound quality?

  3. jchampeau

    Will this, or any of the other similar devices, run Android apps from the Google Play Store? The first one that gives me the option to run the Sonos app with on-screen touch controls that anyone can walk up and use will be the one I consider buying.

  4. jgraebner

    One important thing to note is that the 6 months free YouTube Premium is only available if you are not already a current or past subscriber to either YT Premium, YT Music Premium, YT Red, or Google Play Music. In other words, for what I expect will be a large percentage of potential buyers, that offer isn't applicable.

  5. anchovylover

    I received an email from Google this morning for the Home Hub. Here in Australia it is priced at $212. We have a couple of Mini's around the place and will most likely grab one.