Google and Samsung Partner to Unify Android Enterprise Solutions

Posted on February 25, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google with 7 Comments

Ok, finally not a story about 5G or foldable phones. Let’s talk about Android Enterprise.

Google and Samsung are announcing a new partnership today that will see both the companies working together to improve enterprise solutions for their customers. The partnership involves both Google and Samsung combining their respective enterprise solutions (Android Enterprise and Knox Platform for Enterprise) to provide a unified solution that works well for everyone.

Samsung is embracing Android Enterprise’s OEMConfig system as part of Knox Service Plugin to offer a unified and consistent experience for customers. By embracing OEMConfig, Knox will use the same system as other OEMs, meaning there will be a consistent experience for everyone involved. But more importantly, it will give Android OEMs access to Samsung’s Knox Platform for Enterprise features without having to build their own.

Both the companies are also combining their respective solutions for bulk enrollment of enterprise devices. The companies are developing a common client library with a streamlined and unified API set that will work on both Android devices and Samsung devices, available this spring.

The idea behind the partnership is pretty simple and might actually be really helpful for both Samsung’s and Google’s enterprise customers. Knox and Android Enterprise providing a streamlined experience means less work for enterprise customers that are distributing hundreds of phones to employees, and Android OEMs will also be getting access to Samsung’s extensive set of enterprise-focused features.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Google and Samsung Partner to Unify Android Enterprise Solutions”

  1. yoshi

    The Knox stuff is really good and great for enterprise. This is a good partnership all around.

  2. dontbe evil

    android in enterprise? rotfl

  3. locust infested orchard inc

    Calling Microsoft. The keyword referred to in this article is Microsoft's territory, i.e., enterprise. So there you have it Satya Nadella. Now all we need from you is the enterprise foldable device. Surely you won't allow the pervasive nature of ads and a data-siphoning engine to run wild in businesses under the auspices of Adoogle ?

    Come on Microsoft, make Andromeda happen. Best foot forward. Spit Spot.

    • JoePaulson

      In reply to locust infested orchard inc:

      Enterprise deployment being in the Android platform isn't an attack on Microsoft since their devices are not an attack on the enterprise infrastructure. They are allowing enterprise to plug in their systems to support the Android ecosystem easily.....What Microsoft should do is work with them to add ties to Active Directory. to make actually able to be usable in the enterprise.

  4. nerdile

    This change does not give other Android OEM's access to Samsung's Knox features, it makes it available to EMM/UEM vendors, like Intune. Knox remains a proprietary differentiator of Samsung hardware.

  5. jeetisking

    Nice to see that both big companies came together to unify android enterprise solutions.

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