Patent Reveals Google’s Upcoming Gaming Controller

Posted on March 9, 2019 by Brad Sams in Google with 15 Comments

We know it’s coming and now we have a little bit more insight into how Google plans to move into the gaming space. A new patent filed by the company shows off what is expected to be the controller for the company’s upcoming gaming service.

At GDC in about two weeks, Google is expected to show off the retail version of Project Stream; the company’s beta test for streaming games to any platform. Rumors have been swirling that the company will also be releasing hardware for the new service and a patent filed earlier (above) this year shows the controller that may accompany that device.

While there isn’t anything remarkable with the design, it does show that Google Assistant, or at least voice communication, is built into the controller and it also features your standard two-thumb sticks, four buttons for the right thumb and a D-pad on the left side. There are also two shoulder buttons and two triggers as well.

RepsUp100 on Twitter created a render from the drawings and while they do give us a better look at what the hardware will be like once it’s in your hand, the proportions are a bit off. Specifically, the wings of the controller look too wide compared to the drawings but this is the best look we have at the new hardware.

While the controller will likely be a good attempt for a first generation device, the only thing that matters here is how well the service operates. With all streaming services, latency will be the deciding factor between usable and a failed product release.

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