Google Assistant Enables Official Support for Smart Blinds

Posted on March 14, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 1 Comment

Google has quietly introduced support for smart blinds on Google Assistant. The company’s Assistant was already able to technically support smart blinds, but there was no documentation as to how third-party product makers can actually implement such products.

Android Police reports that Google has now released the technical documentation for how the feature. The company has outlined the APIs for smart blinds, allowing developers to implement support for their smart blinds into Assistant.

This is not too much of a big deal for most Google Assistant and Home users, but if you happen to have any smart blinds in your house, you will probably appreciate the addition. But more importantly, outlining the APIs could mean more smart home product makers could look into making smart blinds, something that hasn’t really been seen much on the smart home market.

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One response to “Google Assistant Enables Official Support for Smart Blinds”

  1. BBoileau

    Problem is with the major blinds manufacturers. None of them have any clue on the technology. Having personal exposure to the retail customer, they have been asking for it for over a year now. Much of the automation is available, but it doesn't sync with any voice control and it is different from each manufacturer. As well, the cost is through the roof and not really viable for most who want it.

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