Google Putting More Interactive Results and Search Ads on Assistant

Posted on April 6, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 5 Comments

Google is making some changes to the Assistant to help you get more done. The company is introducing new types of rich results that help you do more without actually needing to leave Assistant.

Google says the new update makes it so that the result cards “clearly represent the key information” you are looking for. It is also introducing a new interface for certain categories like events, where you will see a direct list of events in a certain area, for example. But more importantly, it’s adding a number of new tools like a color picker, tip calculator, mortgage calculator, metronome music pacer, and a bubble level that can be used directly from Assistant.

And for responses that come from the web, Google is improving the interface to show you the “full set” of search results from the web. The company is also using this as a way to introduce ads into the search results, so now when you ask Assistant for something and it pulls the results from the web, you will see the regular responses, along with a sponsored link at the top:

The new interactive results are going to be some much welcomed additions, but it will be interesting to see if users will be bothered by the new ads that come with the search results.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Google Putting More Interactive Results and Search Ads on Assistant”

  1. red.radar

    You really can see How google is driven by engagement metrics more than anything else. The feature additions just feel like bloat and can be better served by dedicated apps.

  2. waethorn

    Google has been more aggressive with YouTube ads lately. They're now featuring 2 non-skippable ads in front of most YouTube videos, and are getting sneaky about using more regional CDN mirrors with randomized domains to bypass generic ad-blocking lists. What's worse, the "5-second" non-skippable ads are now 7-8 seconds of actual time because the Skip Ad button comes up a couple seconds late, and is slow to change from the countdown timer. Embedded video playlists are broken in that they are losing their playlist navigation after you click on any video after the first one, and ads on embedded videos/playlists are getting turned on by YouTube.

    This stuff is just going to get worse, folks. I'm advocating that people look for other site options to host their videos. Google's ad revenues are imploding and they're taking their aggression out on users trying to make up for the loss.

    • lethalleigh

      In reply to Waethorn:

      Yeah, it's criminal that companies expect to be paid for their work. /s

      • red.radar

        In reply to lethalleigh:

        I think his point is not that google shouldn’t be allowed to make money. However the monetization strategies are getting more intrusive and aggressive. I think it’s a fair complaint.

        i don’t see the point why google is trying to force people to watch ads. Those that go out their way to block them are the least likely to be engaged.

        Googles whole founding ethos was ads would be relevant and non intrusive. They have strayed from that. Someone who purchase s keywords has to be pissed that the top placed item is most often an ad that mirrors the number one search result. However the user probably clicks the ad charging the company who bought the keyword rather than the free search link


      • waethorn

        In reply to lethalleigh:

        Advertisers don't pay for work - they pay to control the message.