Google’s Stadia Promises to Keep Your Games Even If a Publisher Stops Supporting the Platform

Posted on July 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Google with 7 Comments

Google’s Stadia platform made a lot of headlines when it first announced the game-streaming service earlier this year. The company recently introduced pricing and availability details, along with some of the initial games that will be available on the platform.

There is still a ton of questions about Stadia, however. And the eagle-eyed folks at 9to5Google noticed that the company quietly updated the FAQ for Stadia on Google Support, sharing some more details on the platform. One of the notable changes was the addition of a new section that enlists what would happen in the case of a publisher dropping out of the platform.

Google says that once you purchase a game on Stadia, you will continue to be able to play the game even if the publisher pulls the game from Stadia. There is still a lot of grey area here, though. Google says Stadia will “aim to keep any previously purchased title available for gameplay” outside of “unforeseen” circumstances. And although that’s promising, these “unforeseen” circumstances could be a lot of different things.

There have been multiple cases of game publishers pulling their games from stores in the past, so this gives a bit of hope for Stadia customers who are scared about losing their games. For example, if Microsoft strikes a deal with a game publisher, leading to the publisher pulling the game from Stadia, you’d still be able to play the game on Stadia. At least that’s the plan, of course. But let’s not forget about the “unforeseen” circumstances.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Google’s Stadia Promises to Keep Your Games Even If a Publisher Stops Supporting the Platform”

  1. RonV42

    All I can hear from this is a court case and maybe some litigation to define "digital" rights of purchase. From my understanding this is one of the most grey area in law right now. If you die does your copyright of the title go with you or does your family keep in perpetuity?

  2. rm

    I think this is very disingenuous by Google. Obviously there are games that require game servers that are operated by the game manufacture. If they pull the plug on those servers, the game would be dead no matter what Google did. Are they listing that as a foreseen circumstance? Doesn't sound like it. Why wouldn't Google include the foreseen circumstances? Because that would not give them as much wiggle room to get rid of games they no longer want without telling you up front as you pay every month.

  3. Stooks

    I predict a spectacular fail for Stadia.

  4. red.radar

    Google has such difficulty staying dedicated to a product. I hesitate investing too much into this platform. It’s at high risk of being sunset if traction isn’t good.

  5. waethorn

    This will be yet another in a long list of unkept promises by Google. Like keeping mobile apps sandboxed to keep your data secure:

  6. Lordbaal

    And if Google kill Stadia? Then what?

    Google kills lots of services and gives up to quickly.

  7. chaad_losan

    Stay away! Stay far far away!

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