Google Brings AI-powered Auto-Complete to Google Docs

Posted on November 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 2 Comments

Google introduced an interesting new feature called Smart Compose on Gmail last year. The feature uses artificial intelligence to automatically suggest sentences as you draft your email. And now, the same feature is coming to Google Docs.

At Google’s Cloud Next ’19 event in the UK, the company announced it’s bringing Smart Compose to Google Docs as a beta. The feature is first available on the web only, and it’s only going to work for G Suite users, and not users with a regular Google Account. It’s only functional in English as part of the beta.

Smart Compose on Google Docs works much like it did on Gmail. As you draft a document, Google Docs will provide suggestions to help you complete sentences and you can hit the tab button to accept the suggestion. Google says Smart Compose has helped people save more than 2 billion characters each week, so bringing the same feature to Google Docs makes a lot of sense.

Google says Smart Compose will also help save chances of spelling and grammatical errors. Those with G Suite accounts can sign-up to test the new feature here. 

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