YouTube Music Finally Gets Gapless Playback

Posted on December 6, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google, YouTube Music with 2 Comments

If you happen to be using YouTube Music, you can now get gapless playback on the music streaming service. There is a small catch, though: gapless playback is only available on Android and web for now.

Gapless music playback is obviously nothing new, and it’s existed on services like Spotify for years. But for YouTube Music, it’s a first (via 9to5Google).

With gapless music playback, you won’t hear any pauses between tracks, so the next song will automatically start immediately after the current one ends. And that’s important for some soothing transitions that many modern artists have started adopting in their discography.

Unfortunately, if you are on iOS, gapless music playback is not a thing on YouTube Music just yet. Google says the support for iOS is coming soon, though support for Android and Web is rolling out today to everyone. Oh, and, you will need a premium subscription for gapless playback.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “YouTube Music Finally Gets Gapless Playback”

  1. bluvg

    Wow, an actual update to YouTube Music?

  2. ontariopundit

    I hate Android! Who's the rocket scientist that implemented a terrible battery saver feature that switches to a dark theme when battery saver kicks in and causes Chrome to reload a page while you're working!? That's why Android is the poor $&£¥^÷π cousin of iPhone! I lost my work because of a stupid battery saver. Grumble.

    Now back to my post.

    Google Music gets attention? Or is it YouTube Music? What's it going to be called tomorrow?

    I take it that YouTube Music is far from a roaring success since the app isn't getting much love and Google felt the need to rebrand Google Music to YouTube Music. YOUTUBE Music? YouTube? Really!

    What does YOUTUBE, a video sharing site, have to do with music. I don't watch music videos. Never have. Never will. I may be the music video generation but that doesn't mean I ever found them interesting.

    Why does Google have all these half hearted and inconsistent attempts at competing?

    Pretty much the only things they've done truly right are Google Chrome, pure Android, Google Maps and Google Docs. Even their search engine isn't much better than the competition and at least many competitors like DuckDuckGo have much better privacy guarantees.

    Google+. Google Hangouts. Inbox for Gmail (sniff). Picasso (double sniff). Google Allo and Duo (never even knew what they were for until Google discontinued them).

    May they all RIP and may Picasso and inbox be resurrected.