Google Maps Now Has an Incognito Mode on iPhones

Posted on December 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, iOS with 1 Comment

Google is introducing a brand new feature for Google Maps on iPhones. The feature introduces more options for added privacy for users, and it’s been available for Android users for a little while.

The company is rolling out a new incognito mode for Google Maps on iOS this week. The feature was first announced back at Google I/O in May, and after existing on Android for a small period, it’s now coming to iPhones and iPads.

Google Maps’ new incognito mode is essentially inspired by your browser’s incognito mode. So that means when you are searching for places, you won’t get personalized recommendations within Maps. More importantly, if you have Location History turned on in Google Maps, the incognito mode will prevent Maps from adding places you visit to your Timeline/Location History.

Enabling the new incognito mode is fairly easy: you can access it from the profile menu near the search bar. Once enabled, Google Maps will display an “Incognito mode is on” bar at the top to indicate you are on incognito mode. This new incognito mode is part of Google’s plans to introduce a new level of privacy to all its apps, and the company plans to eventually add an incognito mode to its other apps, too.

Google is also introducing a new option to delete all the places on your Timeline and Location History at once on Android this week.

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