Google Assistant Can Now Play Adapt Your Alarm Ringtone Depending on the Day

Posted on December 11, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 0 Comments

Google is always doing a lot of cool stuff with machine learning and AI. And the company is now using one of its open-source machine learning projects to improve alarms on Google Assistant.

If you have a Google Assistant-powered Smart Clock, Google will now offer a new Impromptu alarm option that adapts the alarm ringtone based on the day.

The new feature will, for example, play a different ringtone based on the weather, and what time it goes off. It’s not clear exactly how these factors affect the alarm ringtone, though. The feature is powered by Google’s Magenta open-source project that allows developers and musicians to make music and art using Machine Learning. The new update also gives users more granular control over how long their alarm lasts, but that’s not only limited to the new Impromptu alarm option.

Along with the new alarm option, Google says the company’s new update for Smart Clocks powered by Assistant comes with some other improvements. The update fine-tunes the automatic brightness functionality and introduces a new music recommendation card for better playlists recommendation.

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