Google Has Three New Digital Health Experiments

Posted on January 21, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Android with 1 Comment

Google launched an interesting new project last year called Digital Health Experiments. The project included interesting Digital Health apps that are meant to help you use your phone less, and focus on the real-world more.

At the time, Google launched 5 apps in total under the Digital Health Experiments project. Today, Google is launching three new apps as part of the Digital Health Experiments project.

The first of those apps is Screen Stopwatch, which is literally a live wallpaper and stopwatch that tells you how much time you spend on your phone each day. It’s almost like an endless reminder to get off your phone every time you unlock it.

The next app, Activity Bubbles, takes that to the next level and makes it more visually appealing. It creates a new bubble every time you unlock your phone, and the longer you stay on your phone, the bigger it gets. Throughout the day, you start having more bubbles on your wallpaper showing your phone usage each day.

And last but not least, there’s Envelope. It’s almost like the big brother to Google’s Paper Phone experiment. You print out a file, fold it to turn it into an envelope, and put your phone inside it. From there, Envelope introduces a simple interface on the paper where you can only make calls, check the time, or take a photo/video (without actually seeing the viewfinder). It’s definitely a very interesting app, but it probably requires way too much effort to be actually useful on a daily basis.

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One response to “Google Has Three New Digital Health Experiments”

  1. j_c

    Waste of time and all will end up in the dustbin of Google’s short attention span. Less pervasive advertising and an end to corporate tracking and spying would be better digital health objectives for the company.