Google Launches Stadia Makers Program for Indie Developers

Posted on March 24, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Google Stadia, Google with 0 Comments

Google is launching a new program to get more indie games on its game-streaming service. Google Stadia is getting a new Makers program that indie games developers can join to get support from Google in order to develop their games.

Google is teaming up with Unity for Stadia Makers, and developers will work with the Unity team when developing their games.

In fact, Google says developers will be able to get direct technical help from Unity. “The experts at Unity are committed to providing developers in the Stadia Makers program with a technical support structure that helps their projects meet targeted alpha, beta, certification, and launch dates,” said Google. To be eligible for the program, developers will have to build games on Unity 2019.3 or later and expect to ship their new games in 2020 and 2021.

Google will also provide developers with five physical development kids depending on their team size and structure. And more importantly, Stadia will also “offset” some of the costs for developers when they are building games for multiple platforms.

“This program will start small and expand to pave the way for development teams of all sizes to bring their titles to Stadia,” says Google.

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