Google Maps Introduces New Features for Safer Travel

Posted on June 8, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google with 0 Comments

Google is introducing new features for Google Maps to include information about COVID-19. The company is introducing a number of new changes that will help people travel safer, especially for those who rely on public transport.

The company is introducing new COVID-19 alerts from local transit agencies in some countries. These alerts will include information from local transit agencies, as well as alerts for COVID-19 checkpoints and restrictions for those who are driving. Transit alerts will be available in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and the U.S.

Google Maps will display alerts for medical facilities and COVID-19 testing centers as well. Alerts for COVID-19 testing centers, which are only available in the US, will remind users to verify eligibility and facility guidelines to avoid being turned away. Alerts for medical facilities will be available in Indonesia, Israel, the Philippines, South Korea, and the U.S.

Google Maps is getting some other changes, making it easier for users to contribute crowdedness information for their transit. The new update makes it easier for users to see historical data on crowdedness for transit stations. New information such as temperature and accessibility insights are also now globally available.

These changes will be critical for many, especially with some cities slowly starting to loosen the COVID-19 lockdown. Google says the company will continue to update Google Maps to include new COVID-19 related information form government agencies and local transit agencies.

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