Google Opens Up Fuchsia to Public Contributions

Posted on December 8, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Google, Mobile with 7 Comments

Google rarely talks about Fuchsia, an open-source operating system that may eventually replace Android and Chrome OS. But now it’s taking public contributions to the secretive platform-to-be.

“Fuchsia is a long-term project to create a general-purpose, open source operating system, and today we are expanding Fuchsia’s open source model to welcome contributions from the public,” a post credited to Fuchsia Developer Advocate Wayne Piekarski reads. “Fuchsia is designed to prioritize security, updatability, and performance, and is currently under active development by the Fuchsia team. We have been developing Fuchsia in the open, in our git repository for the last four years.”

Starting today, however, Google is taking the next step in this secret openness by making it easier for the public to engage with the project. As part of this change, it has published a Fuchsia technical roadmap that it says includes details “a driver framework for updating the kernel independently of the drivers, improving file systems for performance, and expanding the input pipeline for accessibility.”

We’ve been wondering about Fuchsia for years, so this new openness is obviously quite welcome, but the project is still quite confusing and is now, in Google’s words, “not ready for general product development or as a development target” and “still evolving rapidly.”

If you are interested in Fuchsia, that technical roadmap looks like a good place to start, in particular the Concepts part of the site.

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