DOJ to Launch New Antitrust Case Against Google

Posted on September 2, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Google with 1 Comment

Multiple reports state that the U.S. Department of Justice will announce a new antitrust lawsuit against Google by the end of 2021. This time, the investigation is focusing on Google’s advertising abuses.

According to the reports, like this one in The New York Times, the DOJ is looking at how Google abuses and maintains its market power in the digital advertising market through “auctions and ad technology.” The agency has begun calling in witnesses and demanding documentation, key signs that the investigation is ramping up.

Google has subtly acknowledged the investigation by not denying it when asked.

“There is enormous competition in advertising tools, which has made online ads more relevant, reduced fees, and expanded options for publishers and advertisers,” a Google statement claims in what is clearly an attempt to refute the DOJ charges.

Last October, the DOJ and 11 U.S. states charged Google with antitrust violations related to its abuses in the Internet search market, so this will be the second major DOJ case against the online giant in just the past year.

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One response to “DOJ to Launch New Antitrust Case Against Google”

  1. mikegalos

    Hopefully it will include dumping in the monopoly abuse charges.