Google Creates New Public Sector Subsidiary

Posted on June 28, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Cloud, Google with 0 Comments

Google announced today the creation of Google Public Sector, a new division that will help US public sector customers to embrace Google’s cloud technologies. The company already has a long history of working with government and educational institutions, but this new division will really focus on addressing the growing needs of US federal, state, local, and educational entities.

Just like YouTube, Google Public Sector is a subsidiary of Google LLC, and Google Cloud CTO Will Grannis will serve as the new division’s temporary CEO. Google Public Sector will also have its own board of directors, a practice that Google says is consistent with government divisions of other technology companies.

“With Google Public Sector, our plan is to continue down the path of achieving the highest levels of U.S. government certifications and requirements possible. This means the division will have the capability to manage sensitive government data, and we are committed to protecting this data through our secure, zero-trust-based infrastructure,” explained Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian.

In the announcement, the exec highlighted Google’s various contracts with US public sector customers including the US Air Force, the US Department of Energy, the US Postal Service, or the State of West Virginia. “We are proud to have served the U.S. public sector for many years, and the launch of Google Public Sector will help us rapidly expand our services to the government, now and into the future,” Kurian said.

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