Microsoft Shows Off a Smart Thermostat

Posted on July 20, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile, Windows 10 with 32 Comments

Microsoft Shows Off a Smart Thermometer

A new Microsoft promo video depicts a smart thermostat that is powered by Cortana, Windows IoT Core, and Azure. How’s that for a digital transformation?

The device, called GLAS, will be made by Johnson Controls, which appears to be a maker of high-end building products aimed at the commercial market. GLAS is promoted for both home and work, but it is clearly a premium product, and should come with commensurate pricing.

But it does look cool. Here are the highlights, culled from the video.

It’s powered by Microsoft technologies. GLAS can be used physically via a touch screen, but it also supports Cortana voice activation. And it’s built on Windows IoT Core and utilizes Microsoft Azure on the backend.

It’s gorgeous. This is arguably the nicest-looking smart appliance I’ve ever seen, and the interface is neat, where you swipe from screen to screen to access additional controls. That screen, by the way, is transparent, too, so you can see the wall behind it for a more seamless look.

It’s smart. “GLAS knows when you’re in the room,” the video narrator says. “And when you’re not.” That means it can adjust the temperature not just on a schedule, but based on the presence of people. It also constantly measures the air quality, indoors and out, and adjusts its settings accordingly.

There is no word on availability or pricing, naturally, and Microsoft isn’t talking, at least not yet. But if you’ve been pining for any sign of life from Redmond in this area, GLAS looks pretty credible. And perhaps more relevant and interesting than a smart speaker.


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