Samsung Teases Reimagined Camera for Galaxy S9

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Android with 6 Comments

Samsung is set to launch its next Galaxy flagship, the S9, next month. The phone maker sent out invites for its event last night, teasing a reimagined camera. Samsung’s Unpacked event will be taking place just a day before Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona on February 25th. The company will be live streaming the event, starting at 9AM PT.

The teaser for the reimagined camera on the Galaxy S9 is quite vague, to say the least. It doesn’t give away too much about the new camera at all, so there’s no way of knowing what exactly is changing for now. The teaser video does have a focus/blur/bokeh effect which could be hinting at the potential dual-camera setup on the new S9 to enable new features like the iPhone’s Portrait mode. But personally speaking, I am not expecting the “reimagined” camera to be anything mind-blowing.

Samsung isn’t expected to introduce any major changes to the Galaxy line with the new S9, and it’s only probably going to be a refined and slightly more powerful iteration. We’ll likely get to know more about the device as we get closer to the release on February 25, so stay tuned.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Samsung Teases Reimagined Camera for Galaxy S9”

  1. red.radar

    I do find it interesting the killer “app” or feature of a smart phone is now the camera.

    its as if we buy cameras and just assume they have phone and app functionality

    In that regard Samsung’s messaging I feel is on point.

  2. chrisrut

    "will change how you experience everything."

    Seriously? Wow. That'd be cool. that is, if it doesn't compromise things like HDR, resolution, etc. That's key: we aren't willing to throw away any of the highly advanced capabilities now available in the best smart phone cameras for some other improvement.

    So, what will this camera do... T 'would be sad if all it did was emulate or improve on Apple's fake(looking)-bokeh for portrait mode. "Change how you experience everything?" - No way. You'd never hype something that trivial...

    Well, perhaps it's an infinite focus system that allows us to "focus" on any point after the picture is taken - or even allow multiple "in-focus points", such as on multiple faces. That'd be interesting. Or it could convert everything into 3d - that'd be very cool too.

    Think big! How we experience everything is about to change! Right Samsung?

    God I hope so. Things are pretty boring right now...

  3. wshwe

    People have spoken. They want plain Android, not TouchWiz that slows down their phones.

  4. dstrauss

    I read somewhere that it is a F1.5 (yes, odd 1.5; not 1.8 or 1.4) lens that auto changes to F2.5 (or something in that range) when there is sufficient light for more image detail - THAT would be a good re-imagining...

    @red-radar I think for many (most) people their phone is their first (or only) choice camera...

  5. IanYates82

    My wife has the most recent galaxy note. I've got the s8. When picking out her phone, apart from the larger size, the camera on the note was already one of those double ones that does better portrait etc and that tipped the scales in the note's favour..

    So I suspect that's a good chunk of what's coming to the s9.