Apple to Ditch Intel in Favour of Its Custom Chips in Macs From 2020

Posted on April 2, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, iOS with 53 Comments

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Apple could be heading towards a major transition for its laptop business. The company is reportedly planning to get rid of Intel chips from future Mac devices, replacing them with custom-made chips in 2020. The hardware maker already uses its own, proprietary chips for its iPhone, iPad, and other hardware products.

Apple moving away from Intel chips isn’t just about a simple processor change. The move could involve a huge transition for the software that powers the Mac. Apple will likely start to slowly move away from macOS and switch to iOS for these new Mac devices, possibly powered by Apple-made ARM processors. The project, internally codenamed Kalamata, could also involve Apple introducing a convergence of both the worlds. In fact, Apple is expected to bring iOS apps to the Mac this year, and it may just be the first step towards the next-gen Mac devices.

For Apple, moving away from Intel chips will not only allow it to cut down production costs, but it will also give the company more control over its hardware, possibly allowing for faster innovation with low-level hardware features. The performance of these devices will obviously be an issue for many of Apple’s professional customers, but it’s highly unlikely Apple will completely switch to ARM processors in all of its Mac products at once. For Intel, the change could have a major impact on the company’s business, despite the fact that Apple isn’t the top buyer of its chips. Intel’s shares are, however, plummeting very quickly after the news broke.

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