Google News Comes to the Google Assistant

Posted on August 9, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Hardware, Android with 3 Comments

Google is starting to roll out a new Google News experience for its Assistant in the United States today. When the company announced the redesigned Google News back at I/O 2018, we were expecting the new experience to arrive on Assistant, too.

Google News on Assistant devices works much like you would expect. On smart speakers like the Google Home, when you ask the Assistant about the news, it will read out excerpts from relevant news articles. You can also go deeper into certain topics, asking the Assistant things like “what’s the news on the women’s national soccer team?”. All the content showed by Google Assistant will be based on your previous reading history and Google Account, so it will be a personalised experience that you get on the Google News app.

When you ask Assistant on Smart Displays, it will try to find relevant YouTube videos surrounding the topic, or show you content from local broadcasters like Cheddar, CNBC, etc. The features are available across Assistant on other devices, including Android phones, Assistant-enabled headphones, as well as Android Audio.

The feature is slowly rolling out to Assistant users in the United States, but Google expects to expand the experience to more users as it further improves the feature.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Google News Comes to the Google Assistant”

  1. nicholas_kathrein

    Nice. I need a smart display!

  2. dcdevito

    This will be awesome in the car on my daily commute. I already use Assistant in the car via Android Auto to tell me the news based on the news sources I chose in the Google Home app, I can't wait to try this. This will be great, especially for local news which I use Google News for.

  3. PeteB

    Never hear anything about Cortana anymore. Is Microsoft asleep?