Samsung Working on New Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Posted on August 18, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Windows with 2 Comments

Late last year, Microsoft and its partners launched a bunch of new VR headsets (aka head mounted displays) when Windows Mixed Reality became official. Samsung was one of the headline partners, launching a premium, $499 headset for the Windows Mixed Reality platform. And now, it seems like the company is ready to upgrade the headset.

A new FCC listing spotted by Road to VRgives us an early idea of what Samsung’s upcoming Windows Mixed Reality will be about. The device, called the Odyssey+, doesn’t seem to be a major upgrade from the original Odyssey in terms of specs. Instead, Samsung is focusing on fixing the critical design issues with the original product.

Users of the original Odyssey faced a big problem with its design: fogging. Because of the small eye box and the tighter nose opening, they would often experience fogging on the device’s display. But on the Odyssey+, Samsung has made the eye box and the nose opening wider, which should make it more comfortable to use and prevent fogging after long periods of usage.

The device still seems to feature the same display with 2880×1600 pixels of resolutions and 110 degree field of view. The display, however, has been upgraded to AMOLED+SFS — it’s not clear what exactly the SFS tech is, though it’s likely just an improved panel combined with some sweet, sweet marketing jargon from Samsung.

Considering that we are nearing the first anniversary of the original Odyssey headset, it shouldn’t be too long before Samsung makes the new Odyssey headset official. Pricing of the original Odyssey was certainly quite high, likely the main reason behind it not doing so well in terms of sales. The Odyssey+ could cost more, or could be slightly cheaper, but don’t get your hopes up.

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