Hands-On with the HP EliteDisplay S14

Posted on August 27, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Windows 10 with 21 Comments

This may be the perfect solution for road warriors looking for an affordable way to expand their Windows desktop to two displays on the go.

The HP EliteDisplay S14 is a Full HD (1920 x 1080) 14-inch portable display with USB-C connectivity, a first for HP, and a modern, thin-bezel design. Yes, it features a 16:9 aspect ratio, but since the HP and other PCs you’d mate with this display likely do as well, I’ll give HP a pass.

That the display is thin, and, at about 2.2 pounds, lightweight, is likewise excellent: You can toss this in a carry-on bag alongside your laptop, and will feel just a bit of additional weight.

As excellent is the connectivity. Yes, the USB-C-based connectivity means you will need not just a USB-C port on your PC but also one that has display capabilities. (Not all do; when I tested this with an HP desktop PC, I wasn’t able to make it work.) HP was an early and pragmatic USB-C adopter, so this likely won’t be an issue for most customers.

And it couldn’t be easier to use: Simply connect one end of the bundled USB-C cable to the display and other to your PC. Windows 10 will silently and automatically configure the PC to duplicate the display on both screens. And you can change it at any time using the Project panel (WINKEY + P). Indeed, it works exactly like any second display. So you can do things like adjust the resolution and scaling independently from the primary display.

Since the display is powered by that single USB-C cable, you’ll want a PC with two USB-C ports, or at least one with another way to power the device, as there’s no USB-C pass-through on the display. (Nor would I expect there to be.) The EliteBook shown in the photos here has a proprietary power connector, so this hasn’t been an issue. But I’ve not tested the display yet to see what the impact would be over battery.

From a quality perspective, the HP EliteDisplay S14 appears well made, and its brighter than the display on the EliteBook, possibly because the latter has built-in privacy technology. The display ships with a nice protective cover, too. It folds back, like an iPad cover, so you can prop open the display in landscape mode.

I’ll test this more, but I’m really interested in bringing the portable display on a work trip. Someone we see regularly in event press rooms travels with a second display, and I’ve always been curious about it. I could also see how duplicating the screen to a second, audience-facing display would be useful for presentations to small groups. This display seems really versatile.

The HP EliteDisplay S14 costs $220 and is available now from the HP website.


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