New Surface PCs are Back in Black

Posted on September 15, 2018 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 37 Comments

In a couple of weeks, Microsoft will be holding a hardware event in New York City where the company will announce a couple of updates to its products. While the event won’t exclusively be about hardware, it will certainly be a highlight of the event.

Along with updated internals, Microsoft plans to offer a new color for the Surface Laptop and will return to a classic color for the updated Pro…Microsoft is going back to black. A black Surface Laptop is on the agenda and the updated Pro will also be offered in black as well.

For those who may not remember, the original Surface Pro was offered in black, this color option is a tip of that hat to that product. Along with the new color, the Microsoft logo will be chrome as well; this creates a dynamic contrast between the two materials and it looks fantastic.

Update: Looks like MySmartPrice, which isn’t a shopping site as the name might suggest, has pictures of the black Surface Laptop.

While I hope the new laptops will have a Type-C connector, I’m not so sure that this is happening but can’t fully rule it out yet.

Also expected at the event is that Microsoft will announce the availability of the Surface Go with LTE. Microsoft has typically waited around six months to make an LTE variant available but because the company is using the same modem as the current Surface Pro with LTE, this expedites the regulatory approval process and makes it much easier for Microsoft to get the product out the door.

As I have said before, don’t expect major product announcement from the Surface team, meaning no new form factors, simply updates to existing products from Panos and his team. Both Paul and I will be at the hardware event early next month and will keep you posted about any other info we can dig up prior to the unveiling of the updated devices.

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Comments (37)

37 responses to “New Surface PCs are Back in Black”

  1. Alex Taylor


    Hope they also do an ergonomic keyboard to match.

    For all the fluff about how Alcantara is durable because it's used in cars, no carmaker was ever dumb enough to make a light gray steering wheel from it.

    My SP3 is getting long in the tooth and short in the battery, so hoping for good things.

    Edit: since my first read the image from mysmartprice is in, and unless it's a dodgy marketing image, is that some serious bezel-shrink? Would love the Surface Pro to do likewise - with software smarts re the edges in tablet mode.

  2. Chris Hedlund

    I bought a Surface Book 2 last week, and I have to say - it is an outstanding piece of hardware...

  3. MikeGalos

    Oh, and while Brad may "hope the new laptops will have a Type-C connector", if he looked at the actual pictures on the site he is reporting on then he'd see the ports clearly in the pictures which are especially clear on the "Platinum" color version.

    There's no USB Type-C connector.

    There is a USB 3.0 Type-A connector on the left side along with mini-DisplayPort and a headphone jack. On the right side is a Surface Connect port. Yes. Exactly the combination that the Surface Laptop has now.

    • Brad Sams

      In reply to MikeGalos:

      And if Mike would understand how marketing images work, sometimes the outdated ones leak and are not always the final product.

      • MikeGalos

        In reply to brad-sams:

        And if Brad knew how marketing images are distributed he'd know that they get sent out to retailers for ad copy a month or so before product launch so they can be used in launch promotions. And he'd know that they're not shot until the hardware basic design has been locked.

        • pecosbob04

          In reply to MikeGalos:

          Mikey adds another potion to his already overflowing cup of 'Mad Skilz';

          Master Bloviator on the superiority of all things hardware and software emanating from Microsoft,

          Expert naysayer to everything and anything regarding Google and / or Apple,

          Historian of record for Apple's rise from near insolvency to financial powerhouse,

          And now marketing guru of the first water.

          The mind boggles.

          • MikeGalos

            In reply to pecosbob04:

            Sorry that actual industry expertise rather than fandom annoys you.

            No, actually, I don't care either way.

            But thanks for recognizing that I actually do have "Mad Skilz" in this industry. It's nice to be appreciated.

            • pecosbob04

              In reply to MikeGalos:

              Appreciate may be a little over the top but I have to say you are probably my favorite poster on this site. When I see your avatar I know I am about be treated to a heaping helping of arrogance and hyperbole that makes all else seem lacking in comparison. Keep up the good work "Management has their eyes on you"

              ETA: Your Avatar is skewed, Technical glitch or truth in advertising? Of course it could be something on my end causing this.In any event I hope you. keep it as it captures your essence so well.

  4. pesos

    If it has TB3 or usb-c I'll bite.

  5. GT Tecolotecreek

    As other posters have previously mentioned...

    Well when you run out of ideas change the color...

  6. EugB

    My wife would like a 15 inch Surface Laptop, please.

  7. zorb56

    I need a replacement for my SP3 but if this doesn't have USB-3 or Thunderbolt 3, then I will be going with a MacBook I believe.

    • darrellprichard

      There are other non-MS 2-in-1 options currently available that have USB-C. Why would you replace a SP with a non-touch laptop?
      Not trolling, just curious.
      In reply to zorb56:

      • zorb56

        In reply to DarrellPrichard:

        I just don't use touch as much as I did when I initially got my SP3. I have a Macbook for work and really love it. I also now have a ton of USB-C peripherals that I would like to use with my personal machine as well. I don't want to go with a non-MS or Apple device because they're simply not as good. They all look like knock-offs of one or the other at this point.

  8. dstrauss

    Just can't wait - next we'll have Gold and Rose Gold - maybe they can even pick a "new" fruit as their logo - how about a banana?

    Come on MS, deliver the REAL goods: Thunderbolt 3, Intel WiFi, QC 5g LTE

  9. dkb1898

    What's the over/under that they use AC/DC's Back in Black song for the video like they did with Thunderstruck for SP4

  10. sonichedgehog360

    Hmm... if this video is of any indication, Microsoft has been toying with releasing a black color Surface device since last year:

    youtube. com/watch?v=JrOb84MetfQ


    www.theverge. com/2017/8/21/16181452/intel-microsoft-surface-book-black-promo-video


    Without a 360 degree hinge, the Surface Laptop is still crippled, as is pen usability. I have hoped they would fix that oversight, but we'll see. Back to black was a good move.

  12. bbold

    The decision NOT to change the form factor to include a USB C connector instead of the surface connect or in addition to, I think, was a bad decision. Most students I know today are only buying USB C connector devices, to power their iphones and other new tech.

    • MikeGalos

      In reply to bbold:

      Most students you know are buying USB C connectors to power their iPhones? A device that doesn't have a USB type C connector?

      You must know a lot of very frustrated and very stupid students.

      Ah, now I've got it. The "put the square shape in the square hole and the triangle shape in the triangle hole" is a popular part of kindergarten. That must be the students you know who use iPhones and they're using the USB C plugs in the Lightning sockets to test their knowledge of shapes.

  13. MikeGalos

    Bah. Nobody would buy a black tablet.

    Maybe they could call it something like "Galactic Gray" and then get every press site to used that name so people would think it was something special.

  14. Darekmeridian

    OMG already want one sight unseen ... wow I have become fanboy... ?

  15. dexman335

    Interesting...this article discusses the refresh of the Surface Laptop, but, the first/lead picture looks like a Surface Book/Surface Book 2. ?

  16. ndwilder

    Had an SP3 Pro, our office had several. All went bad, Surface connector is garbage, power supply cabling design is garbage, 20+ firmware updates later, hardware still has issues, docks are garbage. Every release of hardware has been broken upon release, requiring about 5 firmware updates to make them anywhere near reliable. When you make the OS and the hardware, it's should be near perfect. Zero excuses. Add USB C, add a couple usb ports to the Surface, and fix the Surface connector. Living in dongle hell is not fun as an IT professional. Went back to Lenovo, and happy to have done so. Will give MS another chance when they earn it.