Oops: Microsoft’s New Surface Devices Leak in Black

Posted on October 2, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface with 11 Comments

Microsoft’s new Surface devices have leaked in a marketing image just hours ahead of release. The company is expected to introduce a new Surface Pro device, updated Surface Laptop, and a new Surface Studio at an event in New York City. We aren’t expecting any major upgrades for the Surface devices, but there’s one major new change.

Surface devices are coming back in black, as we originally reported. A marketing image for the new devices was leaked by no other than the WalkingCat.

What you see above are the new Surface devices in all black, looking very gorgeous. I was quite sceptical this new color won’t look too great, but it actually looks beautiful on the marketing image above. Of course, I am going to wait to see how these devices look in real life, but they shouldn’t be disappointing at all. For now, there’s more info to be revealed on Microsoft’s new Surface devices, but we will be covering the event live from NYC, so stay tuned to Thurrott.com as we get to the event in the next couple of hours.

Update: BestBuy has now leaked the new Surface Mouse, in black, as first noticed by a Reddit user:

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Oops: Microsoft’s New Surface Devices Leak in Black”

  1. Jeffery Commaroto

    They look nice but if this is it we have ourselves a very Apple envy update. Same basic lineup with just speed bum.... OH MY GOD NEW COLOR.

  2. chrisrut

    As did V1, that Surface Studio 2 poses a formidable threat to my credit card balance.... hopefully V2 will have some fatal flaw - a pimple on the supermodel's nose - to help me resist...

    • BrickPrinter

      In reply to chrisrut:I am like you but this time around, I am going to get this damned thing. I am going to sell whatever needs to be sold to get this thing as I have committed my pre-Alzaheimer years to photography, and this could be a great way to keep my mind occupied until it comes. :) The only thing will not get rid of is my x1 carbon yoga xp15000 Epson printer an my fujifilm xh-1 which is such a sweet camera. Oh it finally looks like a proper computer like a thinkpad.

  3. chrisrut

    But y'know, I really do hope MS has something cool up their sleeve - to get pulses racing. The marriage of security and MR; or Skype in HoloLens; that's be fun. Business doesn't have to be boring... Tie it together and put a bow on it guys... c'mon.

  4. StevenLayton

    Mehedi, it’s nice to see the correct spelling of the word ‘colour’ on this site ;)

  5. mestiphal

    they moved away from black because after two weeks the scratches looked horrible. they opted to have the natural material finish, which wouldn't be scratched, of it it was, it wouldn't be so noticeable. have they improved on the materials, or are they back to scratches?

  6. William Armstrong

    Those mice look nice, but they look to have a very uncomfortable profile for actual work. Anyone use any other mice shaped like these?

  7. MixedFarmer75

    Technically black is not a colour ;) Looks great, but probably will show scratches and smudges something awful. I am still kind of stuck on the cobalt blue.

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