Lenovo Introduces a Surface Studio-like AIO for Creatives

Posted on January 8, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 13 Comments

Lenovo is launching the new Yoga A940 today, a new all-in-one device for creatives. The device is much like Microsoft’s Surface Studio, with an “innovative” dual-hinge design that lets you work at a 25-degree drafting angle. The design of the device isn’t as premium as Microsoft’s Surface Studio, though it certainly looks like a capable competitor.

The device includes a dial on the left/right side of it that you can use for precision control on apps like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, or even Microsoft’s Office suite of apps. The idea here is very similar to Microsoft’s Surface Dial, but it’s not something you can actually use on the display.

The device features a 27-inch 4K UHD display with Dolby Vision, and there’s also a QHD variant available. Lenovo is also making a variant with a Dolby Atmos Speaker System that comes with a total of 5 speakers for rich audio output, and that could come in handy for those who work a lot with music/video production.

The Yoga A940 features some other interesting features like the new Smart Assist features for added privacy, as well a wireless charging dock for charging your phones, and dual-array far-field microphones for things like Cortana and Alexa.

On the inside, the device comes with Intel’s 8th gen Core i7 processors, AMD’s Radeon RTX 560 discrete graphics, up to 32GB of DDR RAM, and up to 512GB of PCIe SSD or up to 2TB of SATA HDD for storage.

Coming in an Iron Grey finish, the Yoga A90 will be available from March, starting at $2,349 — and that’s, of course, much cheaper than Microsoft’s Surface Studio.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Lenovo Introduces a Surface Studio-like AIO for Creatives”

  1. jimchamplin

    Looks really nice! That charcoal finish is nice.

    I must ask though... Do we have to say "4K UHD?" Why not just 4K? It's like the absurdity of "4G LTE." :D

  2. mmcpher

    Getting there, in terms of price, but still a long way to go. From the hands-on videos I've seen, it looks great and clever and the specs are appealing, even if it doesn't have the knock-out, drop-dead-gorgeous quality of the Surface Studio, which remains my all-time favorite Lotto device. Ever. Need is need and want is want. I don't know if these kinds of devices will ever be sustainable given the price and the limited uses and market. But it is interesting to see someone else dip their toe in these waters. With all of the creativity and innovation in form factor development, the lack of corresponding stylus capability development is discouraging. Handwriting-to-digital text is still clanky and the paint and ink programs overly complex. It will be interesting to see if any of the lower priced manufacturers will bring one of these to larger market.

  3. lordbaal1

    Yhat dail sticking seems like a useless and uncomfortable place.

  4. robinwilson16

    I'm wondering if maybe it pushes in when not needed - hopefully anyway!? Looks nice. Great coverage of CES with all these articles.

  5. wright_is

    Storage is a little miserly, does it have Thunderbolt 3 for fast external storage?

    27" is also a little on the small side. I currently have a 34" Ultrawide, which is about right, I wouldn't want 4K on 27".

  6. BBoileau

    This fulfills Microsoft's goal of creating aspirational products that their partners can try to replicate. Not in my budget, although I do like the wireless charging device. Any word on compatibility with the Surface Dial or offering of a similar device from Lenovo.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to BBoileau:

      It's in the article. There is a dial on the side of the display that works similar to Surface Dial. You just can't move it around or put it on the screen. Surface Dial works with any machine with Bluetooth. The only part that doesn't is the screen part. I don't use mine on the screen anyways.

  7. harmjr

    Wished they would just release this as a stand alone monitor.

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