Microsoft’s Next Gen HoloLens Leaks Ahead of Keynote

Posted on February 23, 2019 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 10 Comments

Tomorrow at 12:00 ET, Microsoft will be hosting an event to announce its next-generation HoloLens. While the company has kept most of the details about the device close to its chest, it looks like the party is getting started a little bit early.

WalkingCat has uncovered a few images of what is likely the next generation HoloLens. As you can see in the images, the device does appear to be smaller than the first iteration, but it is still an entire headset that you wear.

As for specs, while we don’t quite know the entire story yet, we do know that it is using a Snapdragon 850. It’s also likely safe to say that we should see longer battery life and improved FOV (field of view) with the new hardware; thankfully we will know the rest of the details tomorrow.

From looking at the images, we can see at least 4, forward-looking cameras, possibly five depending on what the circle is in the middle, and the headband is thinner than previous generations. The visor portion on the forehead likely designed to make it more comfortable for longer duration and we can also see that there are no headphones built in either.

While we don’t have a great look at the back of the device, it’s clear that there is a larger portion behind the head that likely contains the compute and battery for the device.

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