Facebook Starts Shipping Oculus Rift S and Quest VR Headsets

Posted on May 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 1 Comment

Facebook’s Oculus has finally started shipping its latest-gen virtual-reality headsets to customers. The company announced two major products several months ago, including the standalone Oculus Quest and the new Rift S headset. Both the devices have now started shipping to customers.

Facebook’s Oculus Quest is a 6DOF VR gaming system, powered by the Snapdragon 835, that doesn’t require an additional computer. It comes with an OLED display panel, a 72Hz refresh rate, and 2880×1600 total display resolution (1440×1600 per eye). The device’s starts at $399 for the 64GB model and the 128GB model comes at $499 USD.

The company’s Rift S is a more powerful VR headset built for PC gaming in partnership with Lenovo. The device features improved Fresnel lenses and a fast-switch LCD display for optics that help reduce glare and screen door effect to deliver “a more immersive experience”. Facebook says the Rift S offers 42% more pixels than its predecessor with the 2560×1440 resolution display (1280×1440 per eye).

The devices are available through Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Store, and more.

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One response to “Facebook Starts Shipping Oculus Rift S and Quest VR Headsets”

  1. docpaul

    I never thought I would preorder anything in my life--but I got my Quest comin'! ?

    I pulled up the finally open game store last night and was a little shocked by the prices. Most titles are $10 more than their Rift counterparts. Sheesh....

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