Apple Updates the iPod Touch

Posted on May 28, 2019 by Brad Sams in Apple, Hardware with 14 Comments

Stand-alone music players have slowly faded from most consumer backpacks as the smartphone has all of the functionality that these legacy devices offered. But for those who have a need for a device that provides the same functionality as a smartphone but without the cost or contract, Apple has updated its iPod touch.

The new device has Apple’s A10 SoC but that’s about all that is new, the device looks like the last generation iPod touch and includes a headphone jack. The hardware also features a 4in display, home button, and comes in a few different color choices.

The A10 was first introduced with the iPhone 7 which means it may not be the fastest chip on the block but it should be more than capable of running this type of device. The iPod touch starts at $199 for 32GB and tops out at $399 for 256 GB of storage.

If you need a stand-alone music player, the iPod Touch is likely a good option as it supports everything iOS offers, minus the cellular connectivity. And at $199, it’s a much cheaper way to gain access to FaceTime/iMessage for kids instead of buying an iPad or an older iPhone.

While I don’t think anyone has been losing sleep waiting for a refresh of the iPod Touch, you can order it today with delivery as early as tomorrow.

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