HTC’s Eye-Controlled VR Headset Arrives in the US

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 4 Comments

HTC is launching its eye-controlled virtual reality headset in the United States this week. The company’s Vive team just announced the launch of VIVE Pro Eye in North America.

HTC’s Vive Pro Eye is aimed at business customers. The device is almost identical to the regular Vive Pro but includes built-in eye-tracking support that puts an interesting aspect to things, by removing the need to use the handheld controllers.

The precision built-in eye tracking allows users to interact with the VR environment with their eyes. That means there can be a lot of new interactive and intuitive user experiences where the eye-tracking feature proves monumental. HTC showed off a demo where the user could use the eye-tracking feature while playing a game, for example.

“The Vive Pro Eye has taken everything that was great about the Vive Pro and pushed it to the next level,” said Chris O’Connor, Technical Director at Zerolight. “Using this headset’s eye tracking technology, we can add significant extra value to our clients’ projects with foveated rendering and detailed user behavior insights.”

HTC’s Vive Pro Eye isn’t cheap by any means and costs a whopping $1,599. You can get one here.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “HTC’s Eye-Controlled VR Headset Arrives in the US”

  1. bob_shutts

    Aggghhhh! The Chicoms control my eyeballs! /s

  2. chaad_losan

    I for one welcome our new eye tracking overlords!

  3. StevenLayton

    This will put an end to sneakily admiring your co-workers from across the room. The eye movement detector will alert the HR team, lol.

  4. Tony Barrett

    Exactly how will an eye-tracking VR headset 'propel your business'? Not getting it, and I guess nor will HTC when they try to analyze why these things don't sell. I can tell you one thing they did though - said it was aimed at 'business' and doubled the price accordingly....