Microsoft Now Makes Surface-branded Earbuds

Posted on October 2, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface with 10 Comments

It looks like every other company is getting int other earbuds business. Amazon announced its own Alexa-branded earbuds last month, and today, Microsoft is announcing its own Surface-branded earbuds: the Surface Earbuds.

Microsoft already makes the Surface Headphones, which received rave reviews, and so it makes sense for the company to make earbuds now. Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds are pretty ordinary earbuds, but they will probably sell well to those who buy Surface devices. The earbuds are wireless and work with all platforms.

Surface Earbuds offer 24 hours of battery life (we will see about that). There are 2 microphones per ear, so it can hear you even in noisy environments. It also, um, includes Office integration so you can dictate into Office apps. The earbuds also enable real-time captioning. Microsoft is going for a very interesting take on the smart wireless earbuds with its Surface Earbuds here.

They will available for $249 this Holiday. And yes, that’s really expensive for earbuds.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Now Makes Surface-branded Earbuds”

  1. factoryoptimizr

    Real-time translation, as well. That could be helpful in LOTS of situations for the business traveler.

  2. MikeGalos

    Um, Office integration with the built in noise cancelling microphones is really cool, Mehedi, and Microsoft has literally over a decade of experience with Speech2Text technology. You should try it sometime before mocking a feature you clearly never used

    And while nobody said anything about Cortana integration (which oddly you put in your subhead on the main page) they did present full ability to control Spotify which I'd guess is a LOT more important to everyone not locked into the Apple ecosystem.

  3. SvenJ

    Everyone that makes these things includes the battery life, including what is in the charging case. So, 24 hours just means more juice in the case for multiple charges before needing a power outlet.

    EDIT: Reading the specs on MSs site, they say 8 hours per charge, which is pretty good, and two more charges in the case, hence 24hrs.

  4. jwpear

    At $249, I don't think they're going to see much success with these.

  5. Ron F

    They seem to be useful but they are a little to big to my taste. Also, much like any other simular product, they don't have replaceable batteries and I suspect they will be near useless sometime after 18 months, which makes them very expensive.

  6. derekabraham

    Does not make sense when Amazon can release something for $129.

  7. chaad_losan

    Holy crap that's beats pricing!

  8. sekim

    Microsoft had the best earbud headphones...the Nokia wired earbuds that came with Lumia phones. They were fantastic. I’ve picked up a few pairs on amazon for like $10...

  9. wright_is

    Either that person has incredibly small hands, or the "buds" are absolutely huge!