Google’s New Nest Mini Is the Next-Gen Home Mini Speaker

Posted on October 15, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Hardware with 1 Comment

Google’s launching the next-gen Home Mini speaker today. And it’s not called the Home Mini anymore — meet the Google Nest Mini.

Google is going away from the Home branding for its Google Home devices, so it makes sense for the new Home Mini to be called the Nest Mini. Apart from the new branding, the Nest Mini is pretty much of a minor upgrade from the first-generation. But there weren’t any big problems on the first-generation, so this minor upgrade is about enhancing some of the existing features.

Nest Mini features a built-in wall mount at the back of the device, meaning you can now hang it up on your walls or anywhere else you like. The idea is pretty nice, but the hanging cable doesn’t look all that pretty — at least to me:

Nest Mini also improves audio quality, featuring enhanced 2x bass, according to Google. The company is also increasing the maximum volume on the Nest Mini, so it will sound a lot better than the original Home Mini. The new device features Bluetooth 5.0, but it won’t include a 3.5mm stereo jack which is, uh, pretty weird. There is a third new mic, so Assistant should be able to hear you better than before.

The device will even be able to show the volume when you are near it, which is a pretty nice touch. It will come in Charcol, Chalk, and Coral finishes, as well as a brand new Sky variant. Pricing is the same as before, meaning you can pre-order one today for $49 and get it on October 22.

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One response to “Google’s New Nest Mini Is the Next-Gen Home Mini Speaker”

  1. SvenJ

    'Nest Mini features a built-in wall mount at the back of the device...' It's a hole.

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