Samsung Unveils New Concept for a Folding Phone

Posted on October 29, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Hardware with 7 Comments

Samsung’s been pretty busy with the relaunch of the Galaxy Fold, but it’s no secret the company has been working on yet another foldable phone. There have previously been rumors about Samsung’s plans for its next foldable phone, and the company today gave us a peek at what the future could hold for its Galaxy Fold line.

At SDC 2019, Samsung showed off a new concept for a foldable phone. The company calls the design a new “form factor” for foldable smartphones, though it didn’t reveal many details about the device.

It did, however, release a pretty awesome video showcasing the concept design, where the original Galaxy Fold turns into this new form factor that acts as a classic flip phone. The device doesn’t have a name yet, and Samsung also didn’t reveal any specs, or if it has any plans to turn this into a real thing.

This is probably how Samsung’s next foldable phone will look, however. Previous reports have suggested that the company is going for a classic flip phone design with the next foldable phone, and it’s also testing a new ultra-thin display for the device. It could, however, be a while before Samsung officially starts talking about the real deal, though.

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