Qualcomm Superpowers Its XR Platform With the New XR2 5G

Posted on December 5, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 2 Comments

Qualcomm is taking its extended reality (XR) platform to the next level with a new product: the XR2 5G. Qualcomm is investing a lot on the new XR2, and it has some major upgrades all around.

The new XR2 from Qualcomm is the world’s first 5G-enabled XR system, which will allow for XR experiences that require low latency and ultra-fast data speeds. There’s a lot to the new XR2 than the 5G functionality, though.

The XR2 is also the world’s first XR platform to enable support for seven concurrent cameras, thanks to the custom vision processor, which can allow XR2-powered devices to track your hand with 26-point skeletal hand tracking, eyes, and even your lips.

The XR2 also doubles on the CPU and GPU performance and offers 4x more video bandwidth. The display panel can also offer up to 3K by 3K resolution per eye at 90FPS, thanks to the company’s custom silicon.

Qualcomm’s new XR2 offers 11x AI improvement, and it’s capable of 3D reconstruction, depth detection, object and voice recognition.

Qualcomm’s XR2 does look super impressive, though it could be a while before we actually get to see actual headsets powered by the new platform. Qualcomm says it’s working with five hardware makers, and it’s even working with the makers of Pokemon Go on a smart glasses reference design. The company says we will start seeing devices with the new XR2 platform in the second half of 2020.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Qualcomm Superpowers Its XR Platform With the New XR2 5G”

  1. jimchamplin

    They do know that 5G isn’t actually going to usher in some miracle world of tech right?

    Where’s that competitive CPU for smartwatches, Qualcomm? Still peddling 2014 tech on that?

  2. bluvg

    "11x AI improvement"

    11x more smarterer