Samsung Didn’t Sell 1 Million Galaxy Folds After All

Posted on December 13, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 6 Comments

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold had a very rough launch. After the company first released the Galaxy Fold, some major issues with the foldable screen started emerging, forcing the company to pull the original Galaxy Fold.

After a bunch of hardware fixes and design tweaks, the company relaunched the Galaxy Fold in September. At the time, Samsung expected to sell 500,000 units of the $2,000 Galaxy Fold this year.

This week, however, Samsung Electronic’s President Young Sohn claimed the company had sold 1 million foldable Galaxy Fold smartphones. Talking at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, Sohn said that “there’s a million people” that want to use the Galaxy Fold. He later claimed that Samsung had indeed sold 1 million units of the Galaxy Fold.

As it turns out, though, Samsung may not have actually sold 1 million Galaxy Fold units. A Samsung spokesperson told Yonhap News that Sohn had confused the 1 million figure with Samsung’s sales target. The spokesperson later confirmed that Samsung is yet to sell 1 million units of the Galaxy Fold.

Selling 1 million Galaxy Fold devices would be a major achievement for Samsung, considering the botched launch and the $2,000 price tag. Either way, Samsung plans to sell 6 million foldable phones in 2020, with the company working on a new clamshell foldable device.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Samsung Didn’t Sell 1 Million Galaxy Folds After All”

  1. illuminated

    1 million was unexpectedly high but half a mil is not bad either. Much higher than I expected.

    I would never pay $2K for a test device. Kudos to all those rich testers out there.

  2. CompUser

    "Samsung plans to sell 6 million foldable phones in 2020." Samsung should be careful what they say they plan to achieve. Obviously, it's an arbitrary number, but when they fail to reach it, it won't make share holders very happy, and stock prices will suffer because of it.

  3. Winner

    They must be using the Microsoft principles of counting users.

    If they sold 0.5 million, then that's 1 million screens if you count the halves separately ;)

  4. hegerty

    Regardless of the number sold, I'm at least one and I find the phone to be a major breakthrough in what's to come. Sure there are things to work out, but it's a game changer across the board and I find that single device breaks the notion that multiple devices are needed. A single device that allows me to carry it in my pocket, expand it for greater usage, connect it to multiple screens with Dex and access AWS Workspace -- all while lasting all day with it's enhanced battery.

    Just a tip of what's to come. It's an enjoyable phone and there simply isn't anything else out there that competes with it.

  5. robmille

    I'd be shocked if they sold 100,000 of them

  6. Jeffsters

    This device, note I didn’t say phone, is just to big and thick for my purposes. No interest in any of the foldable phones thus far.