Microsoft Has Reportedly Delayed the Surface Hub 2X

Posted on January 31, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface with 11 Comments

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 has had quite an interesting rollout. After officially announcing the Surface Hub 2, Microsoft introduced two different versions of the device: the Hub 2S and the Hub 2X.

Back in April, Microsoft launched the Surface Hub 2S, while promising to launch the Hub 2X in 2020. The Surface Hub 2S essentially offered almost all the features like the 2X, albeit removing some of the core parts of the Surface Hub 2 hardware like the rotating display.

And now, as it turns out, Microsoft may not actually ever ship the Surface Hub 2X. Brad Sams today reported on that Microsoft has internally delayed the Surface Hub 2X, and it will not be shipping this year as originally planned.

Microsoft has also pulled the original Surface Hub 2 video and any other content related to the Hub 2X, further corroborating the report.

“We have an ongoing dialogue with our customers on Hub and are working to align the roadmap to best meet their needs. The top two priorities for Hub in 2020 are deploying the 85” device and rolling out an OS update that includes many top features customers have been requesting since Surface Hub 2S launched, including improving IT integration, deployment and management capabilities at no cost for all version 1 Hubs and Hub 2S devices. We’ll have more to share in the coming months,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

It is not exactly clear why Microsoft is delaying the Surface Hub 2X, but apparently delays caused in the development of Windows Core OS has caused delayed in the developement of the Surface Hub 2X, pushing Microsoft to delay the product. It’s also a possibility that the Surface Hub 2X may not actually ever ship. So for now, Microsoft will push customers to buy the Surface Hub 2S as the 2X seems to have been delayed indefinitely.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft Has Reportedly Delayed the Surface Hub 2X”

  1. X911ty12

    They sure have done a shite job utilizing Perfect Pixels tech. Cool company with tons of potential has had zero real products since purchase.

  2. proesterchen

    Turns out it's impossible to do what the promos showed: no-latency, no rubber banding rotation on a single display, much less a set of displays.

    So it's delayed until time travel becomes available ... or potential customers have forgotten the lofty promises. Whichever comes first.

  3. bluvg

    They have a demo model at the Microsoft Store. It's interesting, because it seems to have robust hardware in place for rotation (though the demo is locked). Bummer.

    • proesterchen

      In reply to bluvg:

      If you want to know why rotation is locked on these units, look no further than the demos at Ignite 2018.

      It doesn't even hold up when people trained to present this product in its best light have to do the rotation in front of a live audience.

      Any illusion of this working as in their faked demo videos would instantly shatter the moment the general public had a go at it.

      • Truffles

        In reply to proesterchen:

        What happened during the Ignite demo?

        • proesterchen

          In reply to Truffles:

          Every time I've seen the Surface Hub (then) 2 demoed on video, you can see how, despite the training of the person carrying out said demo, the rotation doesn't start at first, then jumps to a point that is behind the actual rotation of the display, leading to the image shown being off kilter, and finally jumping back into a locked position rather than smoothly transitioning.

          All this while the rotation speed is kept intentionally low to minimize the effect.

          And this isn't based on the team being asked to implement this being necessarily incompetent. It's simply physically impossible to do this perfectly.

  4. youwerewarned

    Must be waiting for bezel-less? And surely anything new rolls up for transport. Just because.

  5. thagoochiestmane

    Unfortunate. I wonder if this means we should start expecting similar delays for the Surface Neo

  6. waethorn

    I predict that other unlaunched Surface products will see production delays too, i.e. Surface Neo.

    • sandeepm

      In reply to Waethorn:

      I'd go a step further and predict that it may get cancelled... not that I care about two screen devices... or maybe they decided to wait for android or chrome os to mature enough to be used as the os in the next hub...

      I would put my money on 21:9 real folding screens, even if a stable solution is a few years away. Even on desktop, I stopped using dual monitor and switched to ultrawide a few years ago... Windows sucks a bit in terms of supporting window snapping options on a large wide screen, but this is still way better than two monitors, as you get the best of both worlds.

      Their best brains are right now busy fixing Google opensource software (like Chromium and Android), so they have no time for Windows Core OS. Maybe Google also wants to make a gallant gesture in return, but unfortunately Windows is closed source LOL.

      Lord knows what these trillion dollar companies are cooking... maybe they are planning a merger into.a TWO trillion dollar company.

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