Qualcomm Reveals Reference Design for Its Newest XR Platform

Posted on February 25, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 0 Comments

Qualcomm first introduced its newest XR platform, the XR2 5G, at the end of last year. The company’s new XR2 5G platform introduces massive upgrades in performance and lots of new capabilities for VR/MR devices.

Today, the company is revealing the first reference design for the XR2, which can be used by hardware makers to kickstart the development of their own XR devices powered by the XR2 5G system.

Qualcomm built the new XR2 5G reference design in partnership with Goertek, and it takes advantage of almost all the major features of the XR2 5G platform. The new reference design offers 2x the CPU and graphics performance, 4x more video bandwidth, 6x higher resolution, and 11x AI improvement compared to Qualcomm’s XR1 reference design.

XR2 5G is also the first XR platform to enable support for seven concurrent cameras, and this new reference design supports all seven of those cameras. “It features two internal cameras, one for each eye to support eye tracking. It also includes four external cameras, two RGB cameras for MR experiences and two for head tracking which can also be used to generate accurate depth maps,” says Qualcomm. The device only includes displays with 2kx2k resolution per eye, however, which doesn’t take full advantage of the XR2 5G’s ability to support 3Kx3K resolution per eye at 90fps.

Qualcomm’s new XR2 5G reference design definitely looks quite promising, but like many other VR/MR products, Qualcomm is mainly focusing these products at businesses, so it could be a while before we start seeing any XR2-powered devices aimed towards consumers.

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