Dell Announces Stunning New XPS Desktop

Posted on July 9, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Windows 10 with 32 Comments

Taking its design cue from the XPS portable PCs, the new Dell XPS Desktop is a stunning and modern take on the tower PC.

“After unveiling our newest XPS notebooks in May, it’s no surprise that we’re bringing that same power and style to our new XPS Desktop [and] adding to our award-winning XPS family in stride,” Dell marketing director Chris Sutphen announced. “Redesigned from the ground up, the XPS Desktop returns as the most powerful XPS system ever built.”

This gorgeous new tower PC is powered, as expected, by 10th-generation Intel Core processors up to i9K and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER  graphics. It features a tool-less chassis, a 500-watt power supply that supports up to 225-watt graphics, four storage bays, three expansion slots, and enhanced thermal management. And like the XPS laptops, it’s available in Mineral White or Night Sky colors.

Dell has also announced a new lineup of S-series displays to accompany that new XPS Desktop They are available in sizes from 27- to 32-inches and feature integrated speakers, 99 percent sRGB color coverage, and AMD FreeSync technology.

The XPS Desktop is available now in the U.S. and Canada today and is coming to Europe and Asia later this month. Pricing starts at $649.99.

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Comments (32)

32 responses to “Dell Announces Stunning New XPS Desktop”

  1. simont

    Small Typo That should be RTX 2070 SUPER graphics

  2. Mcgillivray

    I had a tower that looked like that back in 1994. I remember loading a demo version of 'Chicago' on 24 floppies into it. Except it was beige. So, I just don't see how this is much better than any other plastic tower in the last 25 years...

  3. sykeward

    I guess I'm missing something because this doesn't look stunning to me at all, but I'm seeing this same story all over the tech news sites so I think it's probably a media push by Dell for some reason. I've never been a huge fan of Dell's industrial design compared to other PC makers, but this new design doesn't even look as good as the previous XPS much less the genuinely interesting designs from the XPS 700 era.

    • Paul Thurrott

      First of all, thank you for subtly accusing me of succumbing to a "media push" by Dell. I've been reporting on the Microsoft ecosystem for over 25 years and have been reviewing hardware for over 20 years---and, yes, my first hardware review was a Dell laptop! Conspiracy!---so it's reasonable to assume that instead of providing my own opinion, I just cut and paste some marketing crap from the company and pretended it was news. Secondly, I don't really give a shit what anyone thinks about my opinion of anything, really, but please do know that me calling this "stunning" is, at the least, my own opinion: This thing is so attractive, I'm considering buying one, and I don't even need a new desktop PC. As I noted recently on Twitter, you know what they say about opinions! Yours is wrong.
  4. innitrichie

    All I can do is stare and drool at that beautiful piece of modern design architecture. Seriously, I want this on my desk now.

    Whoever the artist is behind this work, congratulations! You nailed it.

    Really good to see PC OEMs taking these details seriously while Apple goes stale.

  5. mrdrwest

    No AMD Ryzen?

  6. martinusv2

    Strange that they make FreeSync monitors since nVidia is on G-Sync.

  7. nbplopes

    Just judging by the picture it looks like a regular plastic tower where the grI’ll mildly resembles the Mac Pro. Cues from the laptop it’s nothing but a stretch of marketing.

    Why is this stunning? Have no idea.

    Still it probably does circles around the performance of any laptop in the market at half the price.

  8. curtisspendlove

    I kinda expected a lot more when I saw “stunning” in the headline. It’s attractive, for sure.

    Pricing is pretty decent too.

  9. chaad_losan

    Stunning AND Brave. NOT. It looks like a computer I had 15 years ago. really? A box with grated pattern on the front? You just copied and pasted the ad copy for this didn't you? for example "This gorgeous new tower PC is powered" No one in their right mind would EVER describe what I see there as gorgeous.

    ... Just Sad

  10. wright_is

    Stunning and modern? From the image, it looks like a 10-20 year old IBM ThinkStation at first glance... :-S

    What am I missing?

    Don't get me wrong, it doesn't look bad or anything, but it hardly looks revolutionary.

    Also, if the display has integrated speakers, why does the PC need 2 sets of external speakers, in the photo?

  11. dallasnorth40

    Looks great. I'm looking to replace my wife's aging desktop. This may be what she wants.

  12. DBSync

    What is "stunning"?

  13. sleepyd

    Is this an ad? It reads like an ad. There’s nothing special about the design of the case.

  14. monosoftware

    This design looks a lot like Dell’s Precision or OptiPlex designs meant for business. A design I like a lot more than the consumer desktops. The tool-less design is excellent and the quality of the parts is very good. I think this is a good move.

  15. bart

    500W?!?! Will the rest of the town have power Paul? :)

    • christian.hvid

      In reply to Bart:

      According to Tom's Hardware, the i9-10900K will peak at as much as 325W. Add to that the 225W GPU and you get, well, 550W. Anyway, a PSU between 500W and 800W is more or less the norm for this type of computer. Of course, that doesn't mean it draws that kind of power continuously.

  16. wunderbar

    Yeah this looks like Optiplex Desktops for the past several years with a couple tiny tweaks.

  17. thalter

    Gorgeous? Stunning? Meh. I see just another tower PC that will be banished under the desk. BTW, no one uses tower PCs on their desk like in the photo.

  18. cone143

    I do not see that Win 10 Professional 64 bit is an option. Have I missed something?


    After calling Dell Sales Support and speaking to 3 different people, they sent me a link to the one model that can have Win 10 Pro. This could not be a more unfriendly site for a prospective buyer.

    This would have been my first Dell, but the whole experience was so annoying that I will purchase locally.

    Here is the link they sent me:

  19. solomonrex

    Look, everyone, there's complaints when he's negative, now complaints when he's positive. He's entitled to his own design opinion, sure.

    But, Paul, stunning? Where's the RGB? It needs RBG to be stunning.

    I miss their bamboo PCs. THOSE were stunning.