HP Announces Its Lightest Consumer Laptop

Posted on June 29, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile, Windows 10, Windows 11 with 18 Comments

The Pavilion Aero weighs just 2.1 pounds, making it HP’s lightest consumer laptop. It’s also powered exclusively by AMD chipsets.

“As more people return to a new normal, they need a PC that can move with them while at home and on the go,” HP explains. “The PC is used away from home 45 percent of the time to perform a wide range of tasks, with 25 percent of time spent streaming videos while 11 percent of the time is spent being productive, whether it be learning or work-related. With the new Pavilion Aero 13, people can work hard and play hard no matter where they are, on a single, lightweight device.”

It’s a great-looking laptop, too. The Pavilion Aero comes in Pale Rose Gold, Warm Gold, Ceramic White, and Natural Silver colors, and in addition to its lightness, it’s also the first Pavilion to feature a 90 percent screen-to-body-ratio, meaning that it has tiny bezels around its—wait for it—16:10 aspect ratio display. That display is 13.3-inches on the diagonal, offers a 2.5K resolution, and throws off 400 nits of brightness.

The Aero is powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 7 5800U Mobile Processor with AMD Radeon Graphics, and HP says it will be upgradeable to Windows 11 “later this year.” It comes with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and offers a claimed 10.5 hours of battery life.

The HP Pavilion Aero will start at $749 and will be available for purchase in July.

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Comments (18)

18 responses to “HP Announces Its Lightest Consumer Laptop”

  1. bart

    Paul, will you be doing a review of this laptop? It looks very, very interesting IMHO.

  2. Philotech Mueller

    Looks 95% identical to the Pavillion 13 series that's already available and sports Intel i3 and i5 CPUs. Admittedly, the 13 series has a 16:9 screen at 250nits only and a slightly lower batter runtime of 9.5 hours.

    Still, I would definitely prefer this one.

  3. pixymisa

    Strong CPU, good display resolution and colour gamut, four essential keys (PgUp/PgDn/Home/End), full-size USB, dual charging ports. Only thing missing is wired Ethernet, but that's not a deal-breaker for small laptop like this.

  4. brettscoast

    wow this is a seriously good looking laptop with neat design and excellent price point. Looks a winner, looking forward to your review.

  5. cnc123

    No touch screen in the announcement, which is a shame.

    • geoff


      It's 2021 folks. I doubt I'll ever buy another laptop that DOESN'T have a touchscreen.

    • MikeCerm

      If they're claiming 10.5 hours of battery, that means you'll probably get 6 hours under normal use, and with a touch screen it would be even worse, with a glossy screen to boot. On a thin-and-light device that isn't a tablet, a touch screen is a waste.

      • cnc123

        I've got a 2.6lb, 0.55" Samsung laptop that gets 8.5 hours of real world battery life, and I assure you, the touch screen is not a waste.

        How about this? You don't like a touch screen, don't buy it. There's no need to tell the rest of us what's good for us.

        • MikeCerm

          You expressed your opinion -- that you would prefer if this laptop had a touchscreen -- and I expressed mine. Many people could not care less if their laptop has a touchscreen, especially those that understand that a touchscreen comes with tradeoffs -- weight, battery life, cost, etc.. I'm glad you are happy with your Samsung laptop, which I assume is a Galaxy Book Flex Alpha. It's got a higher MSRP, an Intel CPU (which some perceive as a drawback), it's almost 25% heavier than this HP laptop, has a 16:9 1080p screen with a big ol' bottom bezel, and though it is physically wider than the HP, Samsung messed up the right shift key, while HP has managed to fit a whole extra column of useful keys on the right of the keyboard. They're targeting a different consumer. The HP is by no means perfect, but they are pitching this as their lightest laptop ever, and adding a touch screen would not have furthered that goal. If you want a touchscreen 2-in-1, HP already makes the Envy x360 which is great, though like the Samsung it's more than half a pound heavier than this laptop here.

  6. bettyblue

    Size made possible by AMD's 7nm process. Intel = IBM. Hopefully they will recover like IBM did....years later.

    • MikeCerm

      This thing is huge compared to Apple's MacBook (2015-2017), which was powered by an Intel CPU at 14nm (which was new at the time). AMD's 7nm process means that you can get mobile CPUs with 8-cores that are each 2x faster than the 2 cores in that 2015 MacBook. But it's not like HP has made some kind of engineering marvel here, they just made a laptop that's kind of light.

    • waethorn

      IBM never recovered under Ginni Rometty. It's just a Big Data tech swamp now.

  7. dmclaurin

    For this price and specs...sounds like a bargain!

  8. bluvg

    13.3" 90% 16:10 display, 2 pounds, AMD graphics, < $800... kudos, HP, you've made a winner!

  9. shirish

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