Apple Leads Worldwide PC and Tablet Shipments in Q1 2022

Posted on May 5, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Apple, Hardware, Mac and macOS with 48 Comments

Apple dominated worldwide PC and tablet shipments in Q1 2022 according to Canalys. If the worldwide PC and tablet shipments fell 3% annually, the market remains strong compared to the pre-pandemic era with 118 million PC and tablet units shipped in Q1 2022.

Apple shipped 22.3 million Macs and iPads in Q1 2022 (up 1% year over year), beating Lenovo which shipped 21.1 million PCs and tablets worldwide in the same period (down 12% YoY). Apple no longer reports hardware sales, but the company announced last week that Mac sales brought $10.4 billion in revenue in Q1 2022, a result that was up 12 percent year over year.

Looking closer at the tablet market, Apple also dominated worldwide tablet shipments in Q1 2022 with 14.9 million iPads shipped (down 2% YoY), while Samsung remained in second place with 7.9 million tablets shipped. “For the first time in over a year, Amazon surpassed Lenovo to take third place with a growth of 3% on the back of heavy discounting of its Fire tablets,” Canalys also reported.

Mac sales have been on the rise since Apple kickstarted the transition to Apple Silicon, and they’ve also benefited from the pandemic and the development of hybrid work. Apple has yet to make its full Mac lineup run with Apple Silicon, but the company has definitely reached a level of vertical integration that the PC competition may not be able to reproduce any time soon.

If worldwide PC and tablet shipments were still down 3% annually, Canalys observed that the demand for tablets and Chromebooks has decreased quite significantly. “While commercial demand is healthy, the slowdown in consumer and education has taken its toll on Chromebooks and tablets, both of which suffered further shipment declines. Tablet numbers fell 3% year on year to 38.6 million units, while Chromebooks dipped to 4.9 million units, a 60% fall from their record performance in Q1 2021,” the market research company explained.

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Comments (48)

48 responses to “Apple Leads Worldwide PC and Tablet Shipments in Q1 2022”

  1. jdawgnoonan

    Apple's current product line is very good.

  2. randallcorn

    First and foremost remember that ALL computers suck!

    Now just the one you want.

  3. simard57

    does 18.8% market share for Apple mean that that 81.2% is a majority of Windows and Intel?

    • Stabitha.Christie

      No you would still need to account for other operating systems on PCs and Tablets (Chrome, Android)

      • Donte

        So 80% Windows then.

        • Stabitha.Christie

          I don't imagine math is your thing. Chrome OS marketshare is larger than Mac OS and Android has 46% market share in tablets vs. 53% for iPadOS. If Mac OS + iPad equals 18% then Chrome OS + Android tablet has to be fairly close, not 1%.

  4. abdulla77

    The reality that I see is quite to the contrary.. Windows PC’s are the main machines in the corporate/business world at this moment. Chromebooks/ChromeOS is the leading ecosystem in the schools/universities world. As for Apple? It’s mainly for the creative industry. Just look at how they market their new M1 MacBooks, or the new Mac Mini’s. iPads in other hand are universal. If anything, Apple’s future growth (and I’m talking massive scale growth) are iPads. Heck, I’m typing on one right now. As for PC’s Windows will remain the superior platform for everything else other than tablets. In fact, I once used to own a MacBook Pro, replacing it every 5 years or so. Now? I got myself a Razer gaming laptop. Why? Because Macs no longer fit my needs for gaming anymore. Is the Razer laptop good enough coming from a MacBook world? Yes, from its fit, form, and finish, and the Windows 11 OS which is quite honestly a massive departure from previous Windows OS’s, just makes my choice all the better. So here I am using a Razer laptop for all my PC laptop/gaming needs and an iPad for everything else in life. As for Apple laptops? I don’t miss it.. not one bit.

    • Stabitha.Christie

      I don't think you understand the article. If Mac+iPad make up 18% of the PC+Tablet market then when you see a PC it is statistically going to see something other than a Mac. That is completely consistent with what you are seeing.

    • Jeffsters

      I work in tech at a Fortune 5 and we’re ~45% Mac of that ~60% in tech roles.

  5. sonichedgehog360

    In many ways, Apple has made significant strides with their platform to make it more cohesive. iPhones, Watches, iPads, and MacBooks harmonize seamlessly. Their integration is good, especially towards layman consumers.

    But that is a double-edged sword. Because with every step they have taken to simplify, they have removed more prosumer or custom integration features in favor of their consumer first focus. eGPUs is a popular sticking point. Another that is less addressed is custom peripherals, like automation systems.

    So while harmony within Apple’s own devices has improved significantly to the praise of consumers everywhere, the same cannot be said for devices outside of Apple’s own circle. For example, many museums rely on the harmony of Intel machines running custom AV systems with lasers, dimmers, speakers, motors for moving props, and so on.

    Old school x86 Macs could perform these tasks but now that Apple has focused more on M1 and less on its cross- and backwards compatibility with non-Apple systems, such custom systems have to shift to Windows or Linux. Does Apple care? No, because they are doubling down on the consumer market. More advanced custom solutions the M series family fails miserably to cater to unlike its predecessors—and that is why Apple is many, many more years from ever supplanting the PC market entirely.

  6. geekwithkids

    It seems odd to combine Tablets and PCs.

    Apple sold 22.3 million Macs and iPads. of that 14.9 million were iPads. So 7.5 million Macs

    Lenovo 21,088 Combined of which less than 7.9 probably a lot less since they fell to fourth in tablet sales. I would guess Lenovo sold at least double the PCs as Apple sold Macs?

    Of course, I'm not sure where Chromebooks fit in the numbers.

    And when talking about PCs Samsung doesn't really count with 8.766 million combined of which 7.9 were tables. So less than 1 million PCs.

  7. vadalus

    Be interesting to see a piece of delivery dates and the impact of the zero-covid china lunacy of their supply chain. Anecdotally, they just push back delivery date 6 weeks (!) on my Mac pro 16” at very short notice last week.

  8. WaltC

    Tablets are not "PC"s...I'd like to see it broken down into desktops, laptops, tablets, etc, in separate categories, and also sure that Apple would win the "tablet" category. I'm sure the results would be much different. I'm not impressed with Apple, but that's been the case for me since the early days of Steve Jobs. I'm only surprised that Apple doesn't think iPhones are "PC"s...;) Also, the worldwide market for DIY PCs is well up into the tens of millions these days. Last pre-assembled PC I bought was a Micron Pentium 166MHz back in 1995...;) Been rolling my own ever since.

    • pecosbob04

      "Also, the worldwide market for DIY PCs is well up into the tens of millions these days."


  9. Scott Shingleton

    For all of the Apple haters out there I would remind you that their OS is Unix based and they unquestionably make very good hardware. You get high end OS under the covers that is completely integrated with the underlying hardware. It is definitely a compelling platform.

    • ebraiter

      Many people do not know that when you are paying a premium price, part of it is for the free support at the Apple stores. With Apple stores removing [at least for a while] support at the stores, they dumped some people and saved loads of money.

      Now, you also have to worry about their OS quality control. Since Cook took over, their OS has suffered plenty of glitches and vulnerabilities. There were as many updates for iOS as for Windows and more than Androids and the updates are getting huge for a small OS.

      Let's not even think about various hardware glitches [AntennaeGate, GPU issues with (I think) a laptop that couldn't be fixed without replacing the mobo, etc.].

      • Stabitha.Christie

        "Let's not even think about various hardware glitches [AntennaeGate, GPU issues with (I think) a laptop that couldn't be fixed without replacing the mobo, etc.]."

        You literally had to go back over a decade for your examples of hardware issues (2010 and 2011 respectively). And strangely you seem to be trying to tie them to Tim Cook despite Steve Jobs being CEO then.

        • angusmatheson

          You don’t have to go that far back to find Apple hardware disasters. The butterfly keyboard and the trash can MacBook Pro were truly disastrous and Apple was very slow to Acknowledge the problem and fix it with new products that didn’t have the problem. Hopefully the studio display camera won’t join the list. In general Apple’s hardware is excellent but because of the slow and very internal way they work, when they make a mistake it is slow to fix.

          • Stabitha.Christie

            You don't but that is what they did which gives the distinct impression that he likely doesn't know what he is talking about. As far as the Studio Display goes, it's a software issue not a hardware issue. But there have been the watches that pop open, the bending iPhone 7 Plus (I think it was the 7 maybe the 6s), static in AirPod Pros.

            The point being that these things are not a prevalent as the poster is indicating.

      • nbplopes

        That is so no true in many ways.

      • Donte

        IOS 15 has been a huge bug fest. For weeks car play would reboot my truck Radio. Driving down the road and the screen crashes and reboots multiple times per trip. It was fine with 14 and they finally fixed it in a point release.

    • F4IL

      They are probably starting to see the market respond to apple's superior SoC platform which provides substantial performance per watt improvements and a better experience pretty much across the board. Their new SoCs have gathered a lot of praise, making already popular products (MacBooks) even more appealing and as a result, people are switching.

    • Donte

      "For all of the Apple haters out there I would remind you that their OS is Unix based and they unquestionably make very good hardware."

      Which should make sense to those that visit this site, and you definitely pay a premium for it as well.

      For the typical "Laptop" user I know, 98% of them do not need more power than the Macbook Air with M1. Their "computing" time on a laptop is 95% web browser, 5% email client (if not webmail), iMessage on the desktop and removing the red eye out of a photo from time to time. These users have no idea what Unix is or ever was and do not care. They like it because it has a Apple log on it, which is like their phone. They also believe the Apple "privacy" marketing campaigns as well.

  10. Donte

    So when you combine PC's and tablets, Apple wins? Have they always done this combining effort? I thought this stuff was broken out?

    It is not surprising Mac sales are way up. Many factors contribute to this. First and foremost Apple by switching to their own Chips will force every Mac user to upgrade at some point. The current MacOS already has features in it that do not work on Intel based Mac's. Each new yearly MacOS version will do more of this. A close second is that Apple fans, in their cult like worship, rush to give Apple their money they really need that new shiny toy right now. The fact that Apple fans do this so quickly will only kill off the Intel Mac support faster....speeding up the forced migration.

    I think they will have great Mac sales until the killing of the Intel Mac's is finished.

    • William Clark

      Different companies analyze PC sales in different ways. Many do not include tablet sales, though one might wonder if that's simply to prop up Intel/Microsoft in some way.

      More people are using mobile devices and I would hazard a guess that smartphones are a primary device for many people, or rather a device they use more often than a laptop or even a tablet.

      I think it's a little off-putting to make comments like cult like worship, one could argue that there is an opposing cult of Apple haters as well. Let's just leave that rhetoric at the door and stick to the facts. Some people like Apple and some don't. I happen to have both MacOS and Windows in my home. More Windows PC devices to be sure, but plenty of Apple tablets, phones and a MacBook Air M1.

      I tend to use my MBAM1 for work and my PC for gaming. I like the integration of MacOS, iOS and iPadOS. If I ever go down to one laptop, it's likely to be an Apple because I see my gaming days as slowing down, though I do still love to play online PC games.

      Honestly, I don't care what the OS is, only that I can run the applications I want to run. Mac does that for all but my gaming apps.

    • Stabitha.Christie

      " Apple fans, in their cult like worship, rush to give Apple their money they really need that new shiny toy right now. "

      It's funny, I remember people dismissing the initial iPhone success as being the 'Apple cult' just buying whatever Apple made. Of course it was BS and the iPhone was successful in it's own right. Anyway, it's good to see you dusted off this old gem to try to explain away things you don't like. Meanwhile, Apple reported that 50% of Mac sales in the last quarter were to people that were new Mac buyers.

    • rob_segal

      I'm one of the users that moved to a Mac from a Windows PC. I have an S22 Ultra, which is fine for me because I use Google Messages on the web. Apple fans and "cult like worship" is very dismissive of the fact that Apple's attention to detail and ecosystem is second to none. While not perfect, Apple has more of a vision for Macs and iPads than Microsoft does for Windows and PC's. They also have an attention to detail that Microsoft lacks. People buy Apple products because they work well and work well together.

      Regarding Apple Silicon Macs. It's a really meaningful upgrade for Apple users. It may not be the most revolutionary thing to happen to the entirety of computing, but for Mac, it's an upgrade worth paying for. It's not forced. Apple doesn't need to force people to buy Apple Silicon Macs. It's a much better chip for what Apple is looking for than what Intel could give them. The focus and benefits of Apple Silicon, in addition to better laptops than what they previously sold, are driving upgrades.

      If you're put off by Apple or their users, fine. Whatever. No one can change your mind other than yourself. If you're happy with what you have, that's good. There's no need to put down other people with rhetoric like "cult like worship" or "shiny new toy". The products, software, and services Apple provides its users are really good. That's why there are Apple fans who buy their products.

      • Donte

        Where did I say I was put off?

        I work in IT, since 1993. I own A LOT of Apple products (iPhone, watch, Apple TV's, AirPod's, 12.9inch iPad) and my work has provided me a M1 Mac Mini and 16inch Macbook Pro with a M1 Pro chip.

        My personal computer at home is a Windows PC because I game on it and I personally prefer Windows to MacOS. I have Mac's at work to support executives that have Mac's, with Office 365, VPN, etc.

        Most of my IT job is Windows server/network/Azure so Windows works better for me as I use PowerShell, Visio, AD tools, Veeam, Hyper V and various Windows only software a lot.

        I know lots of Apple fan's and they tend to get super excited and do things like stay up late to pre-order the latest iPhone and then complain the next day about how slow the website was etc. Outside of new consoles I do not know anyone else that does that for new tech hardware. Some of these people upgrade iPhones every year and are on that perpetual renting program Apple has. It is super important to them to have the newest Apple device. These people tend to be the ones that do not want a case on their everyone knows they have a new Apple device. I know so many people that have iPad's and use them to nothing more than watch Netflix on them or some other consumption activity, because Apple made it, so they convinced themselves they had to have it.

        Personally I do like Apple products, and their eco system, if you want to live in one, is very good. That said I have lived with and supported Apple products long enough to know not be first in line for their products. I do not need the latest and greatest anything for that matter, especially some electronic device that will be in a land fill in 5 years probably.

        • Jeffsters

          I’m on the Cloud team of a Fortune 5and BIG Azure customer. ~60% of the team is on Mac with no client OS issues I’m aware of. What are yours?

      • ebraiter

        Ya. But Apple really knows how to bugger things up. PowerPC to Intel to their own chips. Once they announced they went to Intel chips, PowerPC users were stuck with duds. They knew few would want to buy a used one when there will be little to no support in a couple of years as Mac users would wait for the Intel line. And now the same with the "M" line.

        • Stabitha.Christie

          "Little to no support"....What are you talking about? Apple supported Mac OS X on PowerPC Macs for seven years after they stopped making them. That isn't "a couple of years" it's almost a decade.

        • curtisspendlove

          Ya. But Apple really knows how to bugger things up. PowerPC to Intel to their own chips. 

          You have an interesting take on something that the entire PC industry accepts as a massively impressive feat.

          Not once, but twice, they have implemented a flawless transition to entirely new processing platforms with a solid emulation / virtualization layer.

          And Apple supported the “dud” computers for far longer than they needed to.

          The PowerPC computers were still fine. It’s just that the new Internet chips were exponentially better (at the time) so people wanted to upgrade.

          Same with the Apple Silicon machines. The Intel Macs currently in the wild are fine machines (even preferably to the M-series systems for people with certain needs).

          You don’t have to like Apple or their products. But it’s misrepresentative to make several of the statements you’ve made.

          The rest of the industry would love to have been able to pull off a single chip transition as well as Apple has; let alone two.

          How long has Microsoft been working on Windows on ARM? But all their old software runs seamlessly on it … right?

          • Donte

            The first Rosetta was pure garbage and painful to use. It was a software emulation solution, much like the Windows on arm solution with X86/64 software.

            Rosetta two works well because Apple has added specific hardware features in the new chips. This is why it’s so good. Great if you build your own chips. At some point they could even remove those features to free up space for other stuff.

    • johnnych

      As a Certified Apple Cult Member myself, I have been very happy with the 14-inch M1 Max Macbook Pro! Although I'm a little concerned about the newly discovered hardware flaw but let's see how that one turns out... The new ARM-based SoCs are amazing, I have owned this machine since the day it was released and I have never heard the fans once yet nor felt any heat at all.

      I remember in the Intel days, one bad web page could start to drain your battery life and then the heat and the fans would kick in shortly after trying to cool the thing down lol.

      As long as Apple continues to listen to its customer base and what they want they will continue to sell many high-end machines so hopefully the good work continues on in the future!

      • Donte

        My 16inch M1 Pro Macbook replaced a 2017 15inch Macbook Pro. I do not edit video or do photo work so the dedicated "ProRes accelerators" do not do much for me. For the type of work I do on the Mac, there really is not speed difference, since both use fast SSD storage.

        I do notice less heat when using it on my lap, which is rare. I did not do much to kick on the fans on my 2017 macbook. Using Office 365 products, Secure CRT and the terminal are not very demanding. I do use OmniGraffle Pro, even the "M1" version but honestly it is no faster now that it is native and it is not a demanding app.

        Battery life for me is about the same. That said I never go more than an hour or two un-plugged with any laptop I have. They keyboard is night and day better on the 16inch Macbook and the removal of the touchbar is a win for me as I never used it on my 2017 Macbook. The 16inch is heavier by about half a pound I think.

        Luckily my USB-C dongle collection works just as well on the new 16inch Macbook.

        • johnnych

          But see, that's the pretty amazing part that people aren't really paying attention to -- Apple has made and released the industries first ARM-based SoC replacement for Intel and you didn't even notice a difference made in your workflows. No other company has been able to even achieve or accomplish that task before as ARM processors and the software that ran them lacked pretty far behind the competition in the past. Now all of a sudden people are able to continue on and do more without even skipping a beat which is incredible to me to see - Intel-free! :)

          • ontariopundit

            Don't count Intel out just yet. ARM isn't magically better than Intel (or AMD). They both are licensing the same techniques Apple has to improve efficiency. Apple may be ahead by a bit but it's not by a mile.

          • Donte

            Almost all of the software I use was ported on day one. The only thing that has not been is Secure CRT and that is just a terminal app. It needs 1/1000th of the computers power.

            The One Drive client was not ported for mo this and it was god awful slow and buggy. Once ported it was way better.

    • ebraiter

      Ya. It's like combining the sales of apples [errr] and tomatoes. Other than eating them, there is no relation. [Maybe a bad example].

      This company, are they new[-ish]? I'd prefer to get my PC and tablet sales separately from someone more reliable.

      If they included tablets, why not smartphones? Smartphones and tables are more related.

  11. rmlounsbury

    I'm guessing Apple's bump in sales is thanks to years of lackluster MacBook's and the release of the MacBook the user base actually wanted all these years. I'll be curious to see if a colorful MacBook Air is enough to give that product line another surge in popularity.

    I do hope that at some point Apple starts adopting more colorful devices at the pro tier as well. Just because you are doing heavy workloads doesn't mean that you only want silver or gray devices!

    • yoshi

      This so much. When it comes to iPhones, the Pro colors are always so boring compared to the standard.

    • rbgaynor

      According to the conference call following their most recent earnings Apple reported that half of all Mac purchasers in the recent quarter were new to the platform, so it certainly seems that there is more here than just pent-up demand from existing users.

      • Donte

        Marketing hype. How do they even know this? I have never been asked. All of or corporate Mac’s are bought through a vendor.

        I guess if you sign into iCloud? None of our corporate Mac’s do though.

        • Jeffsters

          Why not? We restrict backup, iCloud Drive, but allow everything else especially App Store.

        • Stabitha.Christie

          On the contrary, anything said on an earnings call is open to SEC regulation as it information provided for investment purposes. Making claims without any sort of data to back them would open Apple up to potential class actions lawsuits as well government regulation (See Elon Musk as an example, his tweets are regulated by the SEC due to his making wildly inaccurate claims in an official capacity). So, it isn't a case where the typical Apple marketing hyperbole is going to make an appearance.

          If you have been personally asked is entirely irrelevant and honesty it's not like you care about actual data. In this thread you have made claims that have no factual backing as well as claims that are objectively false.

  12. jrs19

    I was a lifelong pc user (windows phone too - which i really liked). When WP died i moved back to iPhone. I had a surface (orignal and v3) but it just wasn’t great as a tablet and got an iPad pro. Got a watch. Got homepods and thermostats and lights that supported homekit.

    I was still on PCs but their ecosystem strategy does work. I wanted the tighter Integration between all my devices. I finally went over to Mac with a 2019 mbp and recently upgraded to an m1 pro mbp. It’s by far the best computer i’ve ever owned and i’ve owned most of the premium PC laptops too. I’m powering dual 27” 5k monitors from it when i’m at my desk. It is glorious.

    it’s a but unintuitive but i could see even .net developers making this choice more and more, especially as .net 6 and vs 2022+ become more and more common and legacy .net fades away (will obviously take years for people to upgrade all their projects). The machines are just way better in every way than what is available in the PC space.

    My next computer will be an imac for the living room so that i can keep an eye on the kids’ computer usage. I used to scoff at it but apple is better at design.

    yes, i’m a total convert. There are still things that irritate me about macOS, but overall the experience is superior imo.