Microsoft’s Actiongram Is A Mixed Realty Hololens App, Memes Made Into Holograms

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Microsoft is working on a new app called actiongram and it is being built for the company’s Hololens. The app will allows its users to create mixed-reality videos and then easily share them with the community.

The app will initially be in closed beta and will require a Hololens. Based on the documentation exposed by Walkingcat, this app will be announced next week and Microsoft is already working with third-party content creators for original content.

The app allows you to use items from the actiongram gallery then place them into your field of view to create the mixed-reality video. Microsoft notes that only three actiongram items can be used at one time.

This app also appears to work with the new clicker peripheral that was uncovered and as you can see from the gif to the right, it’s full of meme material as well. Microsoft has created quite a few simple videos what show what these actiongram’s can be like, this being just one example.

A couple of interesting tidbits that can be found while digging in the documentation is that these clips can only last thirty seconds, it’s not clear if that is a device limitation or simply how this app works. Also, if you do not interact a Hololens using voice commands, gestures or head movement for three minutes, the device will enter standby mode to conserve battery.

To little surprise, when the user wants to get content off of the device, they are instructed to use OneDrive to upload the media.

It appears this app is going to be used to help creative individuals, who Microsoft has invited to create videos with the Hololens, to promote the device in the near future. Microsoft expects these individuals to create five videos and that they all need to be posted before May 1st.

In June of this year, according to the documentation, the app will enter public beta but it’s not clear if you will need a Hololens to view the content. To create videos you would need a device but they could open up the app to everyone so that they can view the content on their own devices.

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