HoloLens ‘Start Menu’ Uncovered In Actiongram Videos

Hololens Hero

Late last night, new information was uncovered about Microsoft’s Hololens including a new peripheral to make clicking easier and Actiongram, a new app for creating videos with holograms. In the same leaked content, we now can see what the Hololens Start menu will look like as well.

Posted below, as uncovered by Walkingcat, we can see an early version of how a user will be able to view installed apps and run them as well. In addition, we can see some simple device stats at the top of the app window including WiFi connectivity, battery indicator, time and volume.

The basic menu, to little surprise, is composed of Live tiles and above them is where Cortana lives.

To anyone who has used Windows 8 or 10, this menu should feel familiar and offers the basic functionality needed to use the AR headset. Expect this menu to evolve as the company builds out more features and apps for the device as this is still likely and early version of the Holoshell.

As Microsoft is starting to distribute these devices, we will begin to learn even more about how the device works in the real world. We had previously heard about the battery life of the headset from a Microsoft tech evangelist but there are still questions about well the holograms will function outside the highly controlled demos Microsoft has shown thus far.

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