Cortana Is Coming To New Devices, Harman Kardon Teases New Hardware

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 16 Comments


For the past few months, rumors about Microsoft building (and not building) an Echo competitor have shown up and drifted away several times but this instance, it looks like we may get something that rivals the device Amazon and Google. Teased on the Windows YouTube channel is a speaker that has Cortana built-in and it may be just what I have been looking for to integrate into my Windows ecosystem.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many details about the device but it is coming from Harman Kardon and it’s a speaker system that includes Cortana integration. You can watch the video below and we will know more about the device in 2017.

I hope that when they say 2017, they will show off more at CES as it would seem odd to tease something now and then not reveal it for many more months. With the tradeshow happening early next month, this may be the first wave of pre-CES releases to draw attention to upcoming products.

The video shows off what appears to be a cylinder-like device with Cortana being on the top of hardware (it appears to be a device similar in shape to an Echo). If Microsoft’s strategy truly is to use third-party vendors to build Cortana cubes (devices that integrate Cortana into them), we might be on the cusp of hearing a lot more about products that fall into this category.

For now, all we can do is wait but it does look like Microsoft and Harman Kardon are cooking up something that will hopefully take on the Echo and Google Home.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Cortana Is Coming To New Devices, Harman Kardon Teases New Hardware”

  1. 6844

    Yes! All Brad's heckling has finally paid off! ;D

  2. 5530

    lol...they made this for you, Brad.

  3. 1266

    If this thing turns out to be real I might have to bite the bullet and buy it.  What you can see of the device - it looks slick... Let's see what they announce.


  4. 5767

    Alexa skills coming to Cortana:

    With the Cortana Skills Kit, app developers will be able to repurpose Alexa skill, creating new Cortana skills across Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, and Cortana-powered devices.


  5. 5501

    Man, I am just looking for an excuse to buy a device like this; I was even contemplating a Google Home recently.  With more options in the future with the addition of a Microsoft-powered competitor, maybe it truly will be a no-brainer for me next year.  But ... it's got to solve an actual problem I have, beyond just being cool.

  6. 5361

    As it is cylindrical, not going to be calling it the Cortana Cube.  Sorry Brad. 

  7. 412

    Between Cortana on my XBOX and Alexa on Echo, I sometimes don't know who I need to talk to. Would like one, nice, ecosystem. Since I am such an Amazon fan, it will take a lot to leave Echo/Alexa. 

  8. 5510

    Well I hope it does more than just talk. Google Home already works with NEST, Netflix, and Google Photos.

  9. 1956


    But for real... As with Brad, I've been hoping for something like this since Echo became so popular. I know everyone seems to hate Cortana on PC, but having a device like this would make Cortana integration on the PC truly make sense. And that might also push me to start using Cortana on my phone again, instead of Google Now. Hmmm.....

  10. 661

    will it do speaker recognition -- or is it the shared "house" account instead of my account?


  11. 8665

    In order to get in you have to get your foot in the door.  I think this is a good move by Microsoft to get a product in the current market to compete with the others, before the others get a strong foothold.  I really like that Microsoft hopefully will have a home hub device that will now work within the Microsoft ecosystem.

    Personally, I am tickled pink and can't wait to get my hands on one of these!  Are you as excited as I am Brad? lol

  12. 5496

    A cube is a square.

    This thing is not a square, hence, not a cube.

  13. 1775

    >...rivals the device[s] Amazon and Google [offer].


  14. 2039

    In reply to xapache:

    What do you mean "if"? It's official and Microsoft also unveiled API and Cortana skills - which are very smart approach as they rely on Bot Framework. Overall, good luck Amazon.

    • 5554

      In reply to Vidua:

      Unfortunately as the current metro era of suck with Win8.x and 10 has shown, just because MS "unveils" an API doesn't mean developers are going to care.  

      It used to mean something when MS unveiled an API, people used to get excited.  Now its a footnote on a Microsoft blog at best.

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