Microsoft’s Surface Update History Points To ‘Upcoming Products’

Posted on January 23, 2017 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 8 Comments

Microsoft Now Offers Full Surface Pen Button Customization

Last week, when Microsoft published its changelogs for the release of a few Surface updates, there was odd phrasing included in the documentation. Microsoft has a page dedicated to these firmware and software updates but in the release last week, the documentation contained the phrase “adds support for an upcoming product release.”

Initially, when you read that there is an upcoming product release, your mind jumps to Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2, but I don’t think that’s what these logs are referencing. I’m still poking around but it appears that this language is referring to a smaller update or change with the Surface Family.

Further, this is not referencing the Creators update which was my initial thought when the update log was published. I asked Microsoft for a statement about the unusual language and they declined to comment on future product plans.

Earlier today, Microsoft began offering the Pro 4 without a pen which results in lowering the price of entry for the device by $100 and I asked if they would be extending this option to other SKUs; the company said that they, again, don’t comment on future plans for their devices. From what users on Twitter have said, this offer has been available from re-sellers for some time.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft’s Surface Update History Points To ‘Upcoming Products’”

  1. 1561

    There was supposed to be a firmware update coming early this year that would enable placing Surface Dial directly on the screen of Surface Pro 4 devices. Wonder if that's what it is?

  2. 3272

    Best Buy has been offering the Surface Pro 4 with the Alcantara keyboard as a bundle without the pen since before Black Friday. It was 749 last week, it's on sale for 699 now. There is nothing new about this. The only difference is MS does not include the keyboard and it still cost more than at Best Buy

  3. 455

    I actually wondered if it wasn't the new VR headsets they're supposed to be handing out at the gaming event in February?

  4. 6844

    I expect it's a new peripheral. Perhaps an updated Pen? They did a deal with Wacom for standardization so they're due to refresh it.

  5. 5563

    Take this with a pinch of salt but I was in Carphone Warehouse (biggest UK mobile shop) last week and the manager said Microsoft had new phones coming soon. I cannot imagine a Surface Phone being announced at MWC myself, but am prepared to be surprised.

  6. 5496

    it's probably nothing more then the next surface devices.

  7. sheejaalb

    I have seen the video of Microsoft Surface and this device is mind blowing. I am a research scholar and working on project called Ganges River Pollution and this device really helps in creating bar and charts.